Red, Green or Black Dahak color? Find Out the Meaning Here


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Do not underestimate the phlegm cough you experience, especially if the phlegm released has a certain color. Under normal circumstances, a person produces a small amount of colorless phlegm. If you often get phlegm and are not clear, you may experience a certain medical condition. Here is the meaning of phlegm color which can be a sign of a problem in your body.

Green or yellow phlegm

You may have issued a yellow or green phlegm several times and usually occurs when you are attacked by flu. Yes, the color of this phlegm indicates that your body is fighting a viral or bacterial infection.

The color change actually comes from white blood cells known as neutrophils produced by the immune system to the area of ​​infection. Neutrophils contain green proteins, which affect the color of phlegm.

At first, phlegm is yellow which means that bacterial or viral infections are not too severe. Then it turns green because the body secretes a lot of neutrophils to attack bacteria. Diseases accompanied by phlegm that is green or yellow in color, namely:

  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Cystic fibrosis

White or semi-gray phlegm

White or gray phlegm indicates an infection in the upper respiratory tract or nasal congestion (nasal congestion). Even in chronic conditions, this white phlegm is caused by digestive system disorders, congestive heart failure, and chronic lung disease. If phlegm continues to be expelled, you should see a doctor.

Chocolate phlegm

Do you have smoking habits? Don't be surprised if you see the brown color of phlegm. This brown phlegm comes from chemicals contained in cigarettes, such as resin, tar, and others.

If you do not smoke, but once issued a brownish phlegm, it could be a brown color that is a sign of a blood clot that has long settled. This condition usually occurs due to injuries to the lungs, bacterial bronchitis, and pneumonia. Sometimes, the food you eat can also make phlegm brown, like coffee, red wine, and chocolate.

Black phlegm

Black phlegm is usually called melanoptysis. Almost the same as the color of phlegm brown, black sputum can also be caused by severe smoking habits. While the medical conditions that allow this black phlegm to form are fungal infectionsExophiala dermatitidis which attacks breathing and pneumoconiosis (an infectious disease that attacks the lungs).

Red or pink phlegm

Reddish or pink phlegm is a sign that there has been bleeding in your airway. some conditions that might make you remove reddish phlegm, namely:

  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis (TB) caused by bacterial infection with tuberculosis
  • Congestive heart failure, which occurs because the heart cannot pump blood throughout the body
  • Blockage in the pulmonary arteries.
Red, Green or Black Dahak color? Find Out the Meaning Here
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