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The Most Frequent Diabetes Complications Cause Death These are sponsored articles. For complete information about our Advertiser and Sponsor Policies, please read here.


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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes increases the risk of early death in a person. In 2012, as many as 1.5 million cases of death were caused by complications of diabetes. This complication occurs when the patient does not control the disease so that his condition worsens and disrupts other important organs in the body.

What are the complications of diabetes that cause death? Come on, see the following review.

Common causes of death of diabetic patients

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes a person's blood sugar levels to be very high. Either it happens because of insufficient insulin production, the body's cells that don't respond to insulin properly, or both. This disease is very susceptible to people who are obese, have smoking habits, and rarely exercise.

People who have been affected by this disease must take medication and change their lifestyle to be healthier. If a diabetic patient does not control this disease, chances are that the condition will get worse and cause complications. Worse, complications of diabetes can cause death.

Of the various types of diabetes, the most common is type 2 diabetes. Reported by Health Line, the American Diabetes Association reveals that the combination of type 2 diabetes with high blood pressure (hypertension) increases mortality due to heart disease and stroke.

Conditions that cause diabetic patients at risk of heart attack and stroke

There are 3 conditions that cause diabetic patients to get heart disease or stroke, causing death, such as:

1. Arrhythmia

heart attack

People who have diabetes are at risk of developing arrhythmias ― one type of heart disease. This condition refers to an abnormal heartbeat; can be faster, slower, or irregular. Arrhythmias occur when an electrical signal to the heart that regulates the heartbeat does not function properly. Gradually, this condition can make the heart damaged and weak.

Arrhythmias can cause the heart to not pump properly so that blood circulation in the brain and important organs in the body is blocked. This condition can cause strokes and heart failure.

2. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

People who have diabetes cannot regulate their blood sugar levels properly. If the disease is not controlled, blood sugar can soar very high called hyperglycemia and can also decrease below normal, namely hypoglycemia. Both of these conditions are potentially life-threatening because they can cause strokes, coma (brain death) and death if not addressed immediately.

3. Kidney disease

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from the blood. In diabetic patients, uncontrolled blood sugar levels can interfere with blood vessels in the kidneys. Finally, the kidneys will be damaged and cause patients to get kidney disease.

Diabetes and complications of diabetes can be prevented

Diabetes cannot be cured, but symptoms can be managed and the disease can be prevented. The key is to routinely check with your doctor and take medication and change your lifestyle to be healthier. A healthy lifestyle can be done with regular exercise, eliminating smoking habits, and of course regulating your diet so that your weight is more controlled.

Reset sugar intake in food and beverages, especially those with a high glycemic index, such as junk food, soft drinksor soft drinks. multiply fruit and vegetable consumption. You can also use low-calorie sweeteners in the coffee or tea you usually drink.

The Most Frequent Diabetes Complications Cause Death These are sponsored articles. For complete information about our Advertiser and Sponsor Policies, please read here.
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