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Find out your psychological age

Men also have facial wrinkles, how come you can, huh?


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Sagging and wrinkled skin will appear as you get older. Although men have skin that is thicker than women, it does not mean men will be free of wrinkles. Many men have wrinkles on their faces at a young age. To prevent and slow down the appearance of wrinkles, you must know the various things that cause this relaxed skin condition.

Causes of wrinkles on a man's face

Facial wrinkles are characterized by the appearance of fine lines, for example in the area of ​​the forehead, under the eyes, or chin. Various things that cause reduced skin firmness, including:

1. Often exposed to sunlight

a sign of lack of sunlight
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Sunlight is the number one cause of wrinkles, whether it's in women or men. Ultraviolet rays of UVA and UVB can damage the skin just like burns

If you continue to be exposed to sunlight, collagen fibers that are under the skin will break and cannot maintain skin elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes slack and produces fine lines.

To prevent this, reduce sun exposure when you move outside the home. The trick, using sunscreen on the skin, not using open clothing, wearing a hat, or umbrella.

2. Have smoking habits

the impact of smoking

Smoking habits are inherently attached to men. This bad habit must be stopped because the effect can damage the body. Smoking not only damages vital organs, such as the lungs or heart, but also damages the skin.

Men who smoke, certainly have more and deeper facial lines than men who don't smoke. Why? Cigarette smoke and chemicals contained in cigarettes can make skin dry, change color, and aggravate wrinkles on the face.

3. Hormones

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Hormonal changes play an important role in the condition of your skin. As you get older, hormones in your body experience a slowdown in production, one of which is the hormone testosterone.

Decreasing the amount of testosterone results in reduced skin elasticity. The skin relaxes and produces fine lines on the face.

4. Skin color

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Melanin is a pigment that gives your skin color. In addition, this pigment also helps protect the skin from the sun. Dark-skinned people have more melanin, indicating they are better protected from sunlight than light-skinned people.

5. Face fat loss

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Subcutaneous fat is located below the surface of the skin. People who have more fat in their face are more visible baby face compared to thin people.

As we age, the amount of subcutaneous fat below the surface of the skin will decrease. This loss of facial fat can make the skin relax and wrinkle.

6. Facial expressions

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Around the face there are many muscles that resist skin firmness. In addition to age, facial expressions also affect facial muscles. Facial expressions make the muscles contract and pull the skin.

If you often put on a sullen face or frown, a fine line on your face will appear faster.

7. Descendants

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Besides age, skin wrinkles can also be inherited from the family. If your family tends to have wrinkles at a younger age, you also have a big risk of this skin condition.

Even though you cannot change your genes or skin color, you can slow down wrinkles on the face with skin care and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Men also have facial wrinkles, how come you can, huh?
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