Can Milk Muscle Builder be Consumed by Teenagers?


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Today more and more teenagers are realizing how important it is to live healthy and be diligent in exercising. Then to speed up reaching the dream of having an ideal body shape, many teenagers are beginning to try to buy muscle-forming milk.However, is muscle-building milk safe to drink for teens?

What is contained in muscle-forming milk?

Muscle-forming milk usually has several variants. Whey protein is the most common muscle supplement.Whey protein is anabolic, meaning that whey protein functions to build muscle. This can happen because whey protein contains BCAAs, amino acids that play an important role in increasing protein formation in muscles and inhibiting protein breakdown in the body. A number of studies have shown that consumption of whey increases muscle formation by 68% compared to casein protein which is only 31%

Whey protein is known as a protein that is quickly digested by the body. Because the body only takes a few hours to digest whey protein in milk. Whey protein can be digested by the body quickly so that it can meet the needs of muscle protein in the body quickly. Because of its function, whey protein milk is very suitable for use before, during, or after exercise.

Whey also contains cysteine, a type of amino acid that contains antioxidants. Cysteine ​​can help the body fight various diseases. Some studies also prove that people who consume whey protein are less likely to be infected with bacteria or viruses.

But do not easily fall asleep with a number of benefits of this whey protein. Remember that anything that is excessive is not good for the body, and this includes protein. Most protein intake outside the limits can present its own health risks.

Most protein intake is not good

Although milk-forming muscles have many benefits, you still should not consume them carelessly. Especially teenagers. Know that muscle-forming milk is not a meal replacement supplement that can replace the natural nutrients and nutrients of a balanced diet. Muscle-forming milk is also not the only way to build muscle without being accompanied by regular exercise.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that basically protein supplements are not needed by teenagers, even for those who are athletes. With a note, they have eaten food with balanced nutrition. In fact, protein supplements mentioned can reduce their endurance when competing.

Views also come from experts. Manny Alvarez, a doctor and head of the Obsynch Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey, United States, further explained the dangers of excess protein in adolescents. Quoted in Foxnews, whey protein generally has a weight of 24 grams per spoon. A 13-year-old child drinks a spoonful of whey protein, a glass of 2% protein weighing 8 grams and eating a hamburger with 18g of protein for lunch.

With that much total protein, he has eaten 16 grams more protein than the amount recommended by experts. In fact, he will still have dinner later. Though protein is not the only nutrient needed by adolescents in their infancy.

Drinking milk forming muscles must be accompanied by regular exercise and nutritious food

Muscle-forming milk is basically harmless. Your diet and exercise habits can contribute to the effectiveness of the product. Of course whey protein will not be dangerous if taken occasionally, also accompanied by regular exercise and healthy food. The danger is that you blindly drink liters of milk forming muscles because you dream of having an ideal body shape but not exercise.

In addition, the best source of protein comes from food. In fact, even for athletes, they still have to get a combination of food sources of protein such as low-fat meat, eggs, fish, and beans such as tempeh. If you eat these foods, not only the protein you consume, but also many other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, even fat that the body also needs.

Balanced nutrition is important for optimal adolescent growth. Besides protein, you also need other nutrients, such as carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main building blocks of muscle. Adequate carbohydrate intake can increase the body's ability to carry out heavy activities by supplying the energy needed.

Can Milk Muscle Builder be Consumed by Teenagers?
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