5 Ways for Sex to Stay Passionate Even though it's Menopause


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Menopause is not a barrier for you to enjoy being together with your partner. Maybe having sex now feels a bit different, but you can still do it and enjoy it. After all, having sex is one way to make your relationship with your partner more harmonious, right? For that, you might need to follow the tips for having sex at menopause below.

Having sex at menopause is somewhat different

It is normal if you feel somewhat different or uncomfortable during sex at menopause. However, that does not mean this is a barrier for you to have sex with your partner.

At the time of menopause, your vagina becomes dry along with the reduction of the hormone estrogen. As a result, this makes sex painful. This is what usually makes the experience of having sex at menopause worse. However, take it easy because you can still overcome this.

Tips that need to be done during sex

1. Don't be shy

With various changes that occur in your body at menopause, it might make you feel embarrassed during sex. However, don't be shy because shame will only make your partner uncomfortable with you during sex. Talk to your partner about what should be done during sex. Give your partner a sense that something has changed slightly from you at menopause, your partner will understand. By dividing your burden with your partner, you both can both find a solution.

2. Use lubricants

Because your vaginal condition is dry at menopause, you will need lubricants during sex to deal with pain. Use lubricants in each of your sexual activities. If lubrication is not enough, you may need to add a moisturizer. This moisturizer serves to moisturize dry skin so you don't feel sick during intercourse.

In addition, you also need to avoid washing the vaginal area with soap. Soap can make your vagina drier. If you want to clean the vaginal area, you only need to wash it with warm water.

3. Try something new

Menopause can also make your sexual desire decrease, this is a bad thing. To overcome this, you may need to try a new sex position when in touch. Trying something new might increase your sexual desire and make sex more enjoyable.

You can try the position doggy style which might give you more comfort. You can also try the position of the woman above. This position allows you to have more control over pressure and speed. This position also allows you to orgasm in a new way. Position spoon or you can also turn your back on your partner. Then, you can lift your legs up to allow penetration. Or, you can also try other sex positions that make you more comfortable when in touch. Don't be afraid to try new sex positions.

One more thing, you might need to put a pillow as a bone support so you are more comfortable. Remember, your bones are getting older. Try to place the pillow under you when the missionary position. This can help you open your vagina more.

4. Exercise alone

Many women who may masturbate less frequently after menopause, this is bad. In fact, masturbation alone can increase your sexual desire and make you better prepared to try new sex positions with your partner. So, there's nothing wrong if you play alone.

5. Do it regularly

Having sex at menopause regularly needs to be done to maintain your sexual desire and maintain the shape of your vagina. Your vagina can be narrower if you are not sexually active. So, even though you are menopause, you still need to have sexual intercourse regularly.

5 Ways for Sex to Stay Passionate Even though it's Menopause
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