Epispadia and hypospadias abnormalities, when the urinary hole is not at the tip of the penis


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Did you know that there are abnormalities where the penis hole can not be where it should be? It may sound quite strange, but it can indeed happen. This disorder is usually a congenital disorder (congenital) that appears when the baby is born.

There are two kinds of terms, epispadia and hypospadias. Epispadia is a disorder in which the urethral (urinary tract) hole is not located at the tip of the penis, but is located on the upper side while hypospadias is a condition of the urethra located on the lower side of the penis.

Epispadia and hypospadias, abnormalities that make the penis hole abnormal

the penis hole is not normal, episodes of hypospadias

Both of these disorders are quite rare genetic conditions. Epispadia cases were found in one in 10,000-50,000, while hypospadias were found in 1 in 250 male births.

The hypospadias incidence was reported to increase in premature babies and low birth weight. The risk of hypospadias is apparently higher in white people than in black people.

Epispadia and hypospadias can also be found in women, although the incidence is less frequent than men.

What is the cause of this penis hole abnormality?

Episodes of episodes

Epispadia occurs because the formation of genital organs is not perfect when entering the 5th week of pregnancy. Although epispadia is caused due to abnormalities in the process of organ formation, this condition is rarely found in two people in the same family.

Causes of hypospadias

Abnormalities in the location of this penis hole, influenced by various factors, namely:

  • genetic
  • hormone
  • environment

If seen from genetics, hypospadias can occur in children whose fathers have this disorder. The chance of the boy to get hypospadias is as much as 8 percent. While there is a greater risk of having a child whose brother has hypospadias.

Some studies also state that the risk of hypospadias is 8 times greater in monozygotic twins (from the same egg).

This is related to the levels of the hormone HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which is inadequate because it is produced only by 1 placenta so that the supply of these hormones is not sufficient for the formation of both urethra.

In addition, the lack of androgen hormones and the body's inability to use androgen hormones play a role in the occurrence of hypospadias. Environmental factors have an influence where exposure to estrogen substances can also contribute to hypospadias.

How is the treatment of the disease?

In the case of epispadia and hypospadias, the doctor will take the form of a reconstruction operation. The operation is done to restore the penis shape as usual. Surgery is also done so that the penis can grow normally.

There are various methods of reconstructive surgery ranging from one stage to two stages. This surgery is recommended for preschoolers so as not to interfere with learning activities during surgery.

It should be borne in mind that often this reconstruction operation requires more than one operation, correcting the repeat if complications occur.

Epispadia and hypospadias abnormalities, when the urinary hole is not at the tip of the penis
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