Bubble Masks Are Really Helpful Or Just A Beauty Trend?


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Recently social media and internet is busy reviewing about bubble mask which is becoming a new trend in the realm of Indonesian beauty. This mask if used will produce a bubble or foam effect so that your face will appear to bubble like a cloud. Well, it needs to be explored further whether this one face mask is really useful or just a trend. Check out the reviews here, huh.

What is that bubble mask? What benefits are generated?

Bubble mask is a carbonated mask made of water containing carbon, powder charcoal (black charcoal), and clay. This mask from South Korea is selling well in the Indonesian market thanks to the adorable mask sensation, which causes bubble foam.

Quoted from the news agencyTodayAfter you apply this mask to your face for about 10 minutes, the mask will bubble up to cover the pores of your face. Thanks to the carbon content in it, this mask can bubble foamy after you use it for a while.

According to Dr. Angela J. Lamb, a skin specialist from Westside Dermatology Faculty Practice at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, bubble mask This is made from clay. Clay has long been used in beauty products to absorb oil and close the pores in the skin for a while. The results can also make your skin feel tighter and smoother.

However, advantages and benefitsbubble maskwhen compared to other facial mask products it has not been scientifically proven and there are no clinical trials. So far, there have only been reviews from people who have used it. In addition, how the effects of these masks will also vary for each person with various skin types.

How to use it?

Same as using other masks, first you have to clean your face first. After that, dry and rub the mask with a small spatula to taste. Remember! Do not apply the mask too close to the nostrils or eyes. The reason is when the mask starts to emerge effects bubble, the foam can enter the eyes or inhale into the nose.

After using it on the face, leave it until the foam appears, about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, clean or remove the remaining cream using a spatula. You can immediately wash your face with water until it's clean.

Are there any side effects?

The use of this mask is the same as using other face masks, which must be done very carefully because there are likely to be certain side effects. Because, every skin has a different reaction to chemical products.

If after wearing a mask the face skin becomes reddish or itchy, it's best to immediately stop using it. Well, it's a good idea to test the mask before using it. How, apply a little mask on the back of the hand, let stand for a few moments. If there are no irritation symptoms and others, you can try it on facial skin.

Make sure you always use a spatula packed with a mask. This prevents the mixture of foreign material into the mask which can damage the content and quality of the mask. Don't use your fingers to scoop out masks from the packaging, because it can cause premature foam bubbles. After that, wash the spatula properly before putting it back into the mask container storage area.

Bubble Masks Are Really Helpful Or Just A Beauty Trend?
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