Actually, What Is Colostrum and its Benefits for Babies?


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Maybe, you've heard that colostrum is the best food for a newborn baby. Yes, colostrum is the ideal intake for your little one. Then, what exactly is colostrum? What is the formation of colostrum? What are the benefits of colostrum?

What is colostrum?

Colostrum is the first milk released by the breast during pregnancy. You may not realize it until the end of your pregnancy.Colostrum has a different color than breast milk, which tends to be yellowish and thicker.

Many say that this first breast milk is very good for baby's health, why?Yes, colostrum is breast milk which contains high levels of antibodies and immunoglobulins, which can increase the baby's immunity.The mother's first milk is indeed designed to be prepared as the baby's first intake. So the nutritional content does not need to be doubted.

What are the benefits of colostrum?

Stomach newborns are weak and vulnerable. Colostrum is perfect for the baby's first meal because it is very easy to digest.Some of the benefits of colostrum are:

  • Can prevent infection in infantsColostrum is rich in white blood cells that fight bacterial and viral infections. Infants given colostrum are not prone to pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, stomach infections, and other infectious diseases.
  • Prevent yellow babies postpartum. KOlostrum helps the body reduce bilirubin, so the baby does not experience jaundice or jaundice.
  • Helps the development of the baby's digestive organs. Colostrum is useful for preparing the digestive system to digest the mature milk produced by your breasts later.

Even in some cases, kolototrum must be milked before labor. This is because the fetus has a certain condition and must get a good intake shortly after delivery. Usually, this happens if:

  • premature babies born
  • babies born twins, so they cannot give milk at one time
  • babies experience abnormalities, such as heart abnormalities orDown syndrome.

Does colostrum have side effects?

Until now, colostrum was considered safe and had no side effects. However, long-term consumption of colostrum can cause anxiety, logorrhea, and insomnia. All side effects will disappear after a few days.

Can colostrum run out?

Colostrum is the first milk that will gradually "ripen" a few weeks after labor and eventually change color like breast milk in general. Usually, during this period, the antibody content decreases but the volume of milk produced increases.

Fortunately, the protection function of the disease still exists. The more milk the baby consumes from his mother, the higher the level of immune protection.

So, colostrum is highly recommended to be given to babies since he was born and then continued with exclusive breastfeeding for up to 6 months. After 6 months, then you can give your child extra food because at that age the nutritional needs increase.

Actually, What Is Colostrum and its Benefits for Babies?
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