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Painless Labor Method: From Water to Orgasmic Birth


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Giving birth even though it is painful and tense, must still be a happy moment for you. This important process will be rewarded with the cry of the newborn child. You are lucky, because the method of labor now is far more developed than before. You can choose which method best suits your health and pregnancy conditions. What methods of labor can you choose? Check out the following review.

Various methods of labor that pregnant women need to know

1. Water birth

Pain during childbirth is natural. Water birth or giving birth in water is claimed as one method of labor that can reduce pain. Even though, until now, water birth still triggering pros and cons with the advantages and risks they have.

In the process of childbirth water birth, the mother will sit, squat, or in another position that makes it comfortable to push in the water. This method is arguably very different from normal labor in general or giving birth by caesarean section where the mother underwent the process of giving birth by lying in bed.

Pros and cons of water birth continues to occur in the medical community today. A study conducted states that benefits can be obtained by women who give birth with water birth, ie less pain.

This can reduce the possibility of using painkillers, such as anesthesia epidural.

Why did it happen? Being in warm water can make the pain from contractions lighter. As a warm bath can help relieve abdominal pain or back pain.

2. Hypno Birth

Now the pain during childbirth in some people can be reduced or overcome by the method hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing is a method that uses self-hypnosis (self hypnosis) and relaxation techniques to help prospective mothers feel ready and reduce fear, anxiety or tension, and pain during childbirth.

Based on health research, the use of hypnosis during labor helps prospective mothers overcome fears before delivery. This fear causes psychological and muscle tension. The process of contraction and natural childbirth is also disrupted which will eventually cause pain.

Process hypnobirthing based on the power of suggestion. Prospective mothers use music, videos, thoughts and positive words to guide the mind, make the body relax, and control the breath during labor. Deep hypnosis hypnobirthing can be done alone (self-hypnosis) or ask for help from a hypnotherapist, depending on the needs of the prospective mother.

3. Home birth

Home birth is the process of giving birth at home with consideration of the psychological aspects of giving birth at home that are no stranger to the mother. In the process of giving birth, the mother is accompanied by medical personnel (doctors or midwives), although there are also those who choose to be accompanied by their closest husband or relatives (unassisted birth).

There are several benefits if the mother gives birth at home. A comfortable atmosphere makes mom safer and more calm. Moreover, at home mothers get full support from all families, are more comfortable, and can reduce pain.

That is why, many say, labor at home is the most natural delivery. However, it is not easy when the mother decides to give birth at home. There are several conditions that are quite strict, among others. There is no risk of complications experienced by pregnant women. That is, the mother must really be able to give birth normally.

Since the age of 7 months, the midwife or doctor can estimate whether the pregnant woman can give birth at home or not. In addition, don't forget about hygiene and hygiene factors.

If the house or mother's room is not clean and hygienic, then the mother cannot give birth at home. Therefore, before giving birth, the midwife will make a visit to find out the condition of the home environment, how cleanliness, lighting, air circulation, mattresses and the condition of the bed, etc.

4. Orgasmic birth (OB)

Moment orgasmic birth, the mother's body and mind present comfortable feelings and stimuli like an orgasm. Why? Because orgasm is synonymous with extraordinary pleasure and comfort.

When the baby passes through the vagina, many mothers feel like an orgasm and after that there is someone who feels sleepy wanting to sleep. How, during the waiting for the presence of the baby, the mother can take a walk together with her husband in the park, giving touches and kisses with affection.

This action is actually a form of distraction so that the mother does not focus on the pain of labor, but does activities that make the mind calm, comfortable, and happy, so that the body automatically secretes endorphins, neuropeptide which can reduce, even eliminate pain. Furthermore, giving birth is like having an orgasm.

Whatever method of delivery you choose, you and your husband should consult with your doctor first. And do not force yourself to use certain methods if not possible.

Painless Labor Method: From Water to Orgasmic Birth
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