3 Benefits of Crying for Physical and Mental Health


Medical Video: 10 Health Benefits Of Crying

Crying is very synonymous with babies and young children, but that doesn't mean that adults never cry. You must have cried, whether in the room or in the bathroom, when you were alone. Can cry because of happiness or also because of sadness, anger, or irritation. Crying is very reasonable for everyone from all walks of life. This is normal. In fact, crying also benefits you. Want to know what are the benefits of crying? See the explanation below.

The benefits of crying that you might not know

The following are some of the benefits of crying, both in terms of physical and mental health:

1. Relieve stress

Crying when you are stressed is one of the best ways to channel your stress and give you a sense of relief. When you cry because of stress, your body is actually releasing stress hormones or poisons from your body through your dripping tears.

This has been proven in a study conducted by Dr. William H. Frey II, biochemist from St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center in Minnesota. He found that there were differences in the chemical composition between tears due to emotions or stress with tears due to physical irritation. Emotional tears (stress related) contain the basis of the hormone prolactin protein, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), and leucine enkefalin (natural pain reliever). All of this is produced by the body when you are stressed, as reported by Netdoctor.

The release of ACTH in the body through tears can reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone). This is certainly good, because high levels of the hormone cortisol in the body can cause stress related health problems.

When you are stressed, the chemicals in your body become unbalanced. So, crying can help reduce these effects. Crying can help release emotions, stress, and tension from negative feelings, stresses, and frustrations that have been buried in you all this time.

2. Improve mood

Besides being beneficial for your physical health, crying is also beneficial for your psychological health. Crying can improve your mood for the better. Research from the University of South Florida in 2008 has proven that crying can calm yourself and improve your mood better than any antidepressant.

If asked "after crying your mood gets better?", In general everyone answers yes. However, this also depends on the reason for what makes you cry and how the cry is handled by you. People with anxiety or mood disorders may be less able to feel the positive effects of crying.

3. Improve vision and protect eyes

The tears that come out of your eyes are produced by the lacrimal gland. These tears can help you clean your eyes from dust, prevent eye irritation, and keep your eyes moist. So, tears can clear your eyesight. Crying can also prevent mucous membranes in the eye from experiencing dryness or dehydration. Dryness in the eyes can make the eyes vulnerable to bacterial attacks.

In tears there is an antibacterial called lysozyme. This lysozyme can kill certain bacteria by destroying bacterial cell walls. So, with tears that always wet the area around your eyes (called basal tears), your eyes will continue to be protected from various foreign objects.

3 Benefits of Crying for Physical and Mental Health
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