5 Benefits of Humidifiers for Body and Environmental Health


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A humidifier is a useful tool for keeping air humidity in the room. That is why, this tool can be useful for relieving the respiratory tract. There are a myriad of benefits offered by using a humidifier, such as reducing irritation in the bronchial tubes, helping with breathing, and relieving pain in the throat. Come on, find out what are the benefits of the humidifier below.

Get to know the various benefits of a humidifier

1. Overcome dry skin and chapped lips

Do you often experience dry skin? Or cracked lips? Or is it a combination of the two? Dry skin and cracked lips may often irritate you. Because, this condition can make it uncomfortable, unsightly to cause pain especially on the flaking lips.

In addition to using natural ingredients to cure dry and cracked skin, you can also use the ability of a humidifier to treat skin and lips. According to Dr. Hillard H. Pearlstein, a skin specialist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, a humidifier can increase the level of moisture that air needs so much that it can help keep your skin moist.

That's why a humidifier is good for treating dry surfaces, both skin and lips. You can put this tool in areas that are often used by families to gather, for example in the family room or in the bedroom. You can also store this tool in the office.

2. Relieves itchy skin

Dry skin often leads to itching. If this itching interferes with and makes you scratch it constantly, it can have an impact on the skin that is damaged, blister, and even looks like a wound. This condition will certainly interfere with your appearance.

Well, here the humidifier works almost the same as a moisturizer for the skin. This tool will work to increase the moisture of the skin while reducing the itching slowly. Not only that, a humidifier can also be used to relieve dry skin due to several health conditions such as psoriasis, thyroid disorders, acne treatment, and certain cosmetic products.

3. Treat symptoms of colds, flu, and allergies

The benefits of other humidifiers can reduce itching of the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, mouth, throat, and even the eyes. Therefore, humidifiers are widely used in people with colds, flu, or allergies.

Besides being effective in treating problems in the nose and throat, the humidifier also functions as a prevention by limiting the development of viruses and bacteria that grow in dry air.

4. Relieve asthma

Many people with asthma, both children and adults, who use a humidifier to prevent the risk of their asthma attacks relapse, especially if asthma is accompanied by respiratory infections. However, it's best for people with asthma to consult a doctor first if they plan to use a humidifier at home.

The reason is, if the humidifier produces air humidity that is too high, it can trigger the development of allergens. The Mayo Clinic reports that in the end, it can actually worsen asthma symptoms.

5. Benefits of a humidifier for the environment

In addition to being beneficial for supporting body health, using a humidifier can also help maintain the environment around you. For example, making ornamental plants placed in the house is healthier because these ornamental plants require a good level of humidity.

In addition, an air humidifier can also prevent the walls of the house from being moldy while making itwallpaper or wall paint is more durable. Because the dry air in the house can affect the growth of fungi and conditions wallpaper and paint until peeled off.

5 Benefits of Humidifiers for Body and Environmental Health
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