Can Humans Die in Standing Conditions?


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Death is a mystery. Nobody knows when it will come. It is not only a matter of time, death also does not know what will come when you are doing what. Maybe you have heard someone die in a sitting, sleeping, or even prostration position while worshiping. Do you know that there is, can humans die when they stand tall? If traced logically, it seems impossible because the gravitational force of the earth will pull down a body that is no longer animate. But apparently, the dead stand condition might happen!

Standing dead is a rare phenomenon

In the medical world, standing dead is the term to describe the rigid condition of a corpse aka rigor mortis, which is also called rigid death.

This rare phenomenon ever happened toa soldier from Japan. The Prajuit was known to die standing stiff after fighting forprotect other prajuit. Ironically, no one knew that he had died a long time ago because of the presumptive standing position watching the situation.

Why does someone die in a standing position?

Died in a rigid body position due to cessation of oxygen intake throughout the body after death. The absence of oxygen in the body causes the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) chemical compounds to stop.

ATP is an important energy source in the body. ATP is used to help muscles work (contract when used and relax when resting). ATP also helps regenerate damaged muscle cells. Along with the depletion of oxygen intake and ATP levels, the body's metabolism also stops so that the body will stiffen.

Generally, stiff corpses begin to slowly occur 3 to 4 hours after death. The body will be totally stiff after 7 to 12 hours. After about 36 hours or two days later, the stiff muscles will relax again. The expansion of these muscles triggers the intestine to push and remove the remnants of poisons and fluids out of the body.

However, a person's risk of dying in a state of stiffness will be higher if just before the death of his bodyspend a lot of ATP. For example by doing strenuous exercise when the body is exhausted.

His body will soon be deprived of oxygen so the ATP will thin out quickly. Eventually the body will be faster or immediately experience fatigue when he dies. This is what causes a person to die standing suddenly.

In the case of Japanese soldiers, oxygen and ATP thinned because of fighting against hundreds of soldiers and their bodies full of arrows from the enemy. Someone who has deep wounds attached to the body (such as arrows that pierce the body) can maintain posture remains in a standing position and does not bend when he dies.

Can Humans Die in Standing Conditions?
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