How can chemicals in your home make you lose weight?


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Irregular eating patterns and lazy exercise often cause your weight to continue to rise. However, you need to know that the cause of weight gain increases not only because of these two things. According to research, even household chemicals that you might use can cause your weight to become unstable. How can it be?

What is the relationship between weight gain and chemicals at home?

Reporting from WebMD, the use of chemicals contained in detergents and home cleaning fluids plays a role in damaging the diet cycle. After struggling to lose weight, the study participants turned out the weight rose again, becoming the same as before.

A new study proves that artificial chemicals, such as perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) can inhibit the body's metabolism, which can damage the diet cycle to maintain a decrease in body weight. Dr. Qi Sun, an assistant lecturer in nutrition science at the Harvard School of Public Health said, "People with high levels of chemicals are more difficult to maintain weight loss after a diet. This pattern occurs mainly in women. "

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been used for more than 60 years in several developed countries such as the United States. These chemicals are usually used to clean oily surfaces, as cleaning agents, and also for nonstick cooking equipment. These chemicals are apparently detected in the blood of most people in the United States because they are widely used in various products.

Previous research has also shown the link between PFAS exposure and weight gain and obesity in animals so that the chemical was dubbed obesogens (the cause of obesity). This is also associated with cancer, hormonal and immune disorders, and high cholesterol in future studies.

Then, the study continued on 600 obese men and women aged 30 to 70 years. They go on a diet in four different ways and measure PFAS exposure in their blood. During the first half of the year, their weight decreased by 7 kilograms, but the next 18 months rose again by 3 kilograms. Those who experience weight gain have low activity and high levels of PFAS in their blood.

Research concludes that women are more vulnerable to this impact, because these chemicals affect the hormone estrogen which plays a role in regulating metabolism and weight.

Various obesogens products in household chemicals

Besides PFAS, other chemicals are also included in obesogens. Here are other chemicals that might be the cause of weight gain.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

These chemicals are often found in baby bottles, plastic containers, and food cans. The structure resembles that of estradiol which influences the hormone estrogen so that BPA can bind to hydrogen in the body. Research shows that BPA is very sensitive in the womb. This causes 96 percent of pregnant women in the United States to positively contain BPA in urine and can cause the risk of children being born obese later on. In addition, BPA is also associated with insulin resistance, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, thyroid dysfunction, and other diseases.


These chemicals are found in many objects that are generally made of plastic to become more flexible. This material can absorb contaminating food, water, and air that is inhaled, even absorbing through the skin.

These chemicals affect hormonal balance and affect hormone receptors called PPAR in the metabolic process so that weight can increase. These chemicals are also associated with type 2 diabetes and genital malformations in boys.

CPA plastic

What needs to be considered in using household chemicals:

Actually the use of these chemicals has been regulated the policy of the level of use in a product. You might not be able to avoid using these chemicals. However, it would be nice if you reduce its use as a precaution. Not only does it prevent weight gain from rising, but it also reduces the risk of other diseases due to exposure to these chemicals.

From now on, pay attention to the packaging label on the cleaning product you use and read how to use it. Use gloves when you wash pring, wash clothes or do things that require direct contact with your hands. After that, don't forget to always wash your hands after using these ingredients.

If your clothes are exposed to these ingredients, you should immediately replace your clothes and clean your skin immediately. Clothes that are exposed to these chemicals are cleaned first with water or washed separately with other clothes.

It's not just chemicals that can make you gain weight

Do not immediately blame the items at home if the number of your scales rises. There are many factors that affect a person's weight. Among them are lack of physical activity, unbalanced diet, illness, consumption of certain drugs, and unhealthy lifestyles. So, consider also these factors in order to maintain an ideal body weight.

To find out whether your weight is ideal or not, you can check it through your body mass index. Come on, calculate your ideal weight in this body mass index (BMI) calculator or at

How can chemicals in your home make you lose weight?
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