Is it true that containers of instant noodles can cause cancer?


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Who here likes to eat instant noodles in a glass? Many of you love it. The presentation is very easy and delicious taste makes you addicted to always consume it. What's more, you can carry instant noodles everywhere, wherever and whenever you can make them when your stomach is "rumbling". You just need to brew it with hot water, wait a few minutes, and then you can immediately eat it. In an instant, less than half an hour, your stomach is full again thanks to instant noodles.

Yes, there are a lot of fans of instant noodles in glasses, one of them maybe you. If we go out of town or travel with friends to a distant place (to the mountain or sea, for example), maybe instant noodles in a glass are provisions that must be brought. However, be careful if you consume too much. Many reports say that containers of instant noodles in a glass can cause cancer. Is this true?

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Research on styrofoam containers as a cause of cancer

Styrofoam containers for food make it easy for us, after we use them then we can immediately throw them away. However, behind the convenience offered, it turns out that Styrofoam containers have an impact on your health. Plastic food containers or commonly known as styrofoam containers contain styrene ingredients, which can endanger your health.

So far it has become a conversation that styrene in food containers can cause cancer in humans. Some agree with this, but there are also those who oppose it. Much research is done to uncover this.

According to the National Research Council in the United States, styrofoam containers containing styrene have carcinogenic properties to humans that can cause cancer. The National Toxicology Program report, the United States Department of Health and Human Services also shows that styrene has been included in the group that is "reasonably anticipated" in causing cancer. Not only cancer, styrene is also associated with nerve damage and hormonal disorders.

But, not all styrofoam containers are dangerous

The relationship between styrene and cancer also depends on the dose, exposure, quantity, and characteristics of the styrofoam ingredients used as food containers. Styrofoam as a food container can cause cancer, only if many components of styrene move to food and these substances then accumulate a lot in your body.

However, some parties also said that the styrene content in styrofoam containers had been reviewed by regulatory agencies, so it was safe to use as a food container. In the United States, styrene contained in food containers has also met strict rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it is safe to use. But, however, you need to be aware of it.

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What about Styrofoam as a container for instant noodles?

Research conducted by the Center for Food Safety in Hong Kong in 2009 showed that instant noodle container samples used when the study had met the standards of total migration and styrene monomers set by the United States FDA. This study examines how much substances from plastic containers can move into noodles, by placing them at a temperature, time, and extracting strength that is more severe than usual.

The result, from 30 containers of instant noodles, found only 5 containers that experienced the transfer of hazardous substances to food in substances far below the FDA's limit. This shows that the contact surface of the instant noodle container will not transfer harmful substances to food in amounts that are not acceptable to humans. The study also said that if used properly containers for instant noodles did not cause food safety problems.

Hazardous substances in instant noodle containers may be able to move into noodles. However, the rate of displacement depends on a variety of factors, such as the chemical properties of the substance, the volume of food per unit area, the type of food (where fatty and liquid foods absorb substances more easily), the temperature during contact, and the duration contact between container and food. More substance transfer at higher temperatures and longer contact times.

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How do you eat instant noodles in a glass to be safe?

It has been explained above that styrene monomers in styrofoam containers for instant noodles may cause cancer. So to minimize this risk, you should follow the following suggestions:

  • Before making instant noodles in a glass, you should read carefully the presentation instructions. Always follow the presentation instructions printed on the package.
  • Never use microwave to cook instant noodles in a glass, except the presentation instructions on the product allow it. Sometimes, instant noodles in a glass have different serving instructions. Microwave can produce high heat which makes styrofoam styrene substances released and able to move to food.
  • When buying instant noodles in a glass, you should pay attention to the integrity of the packaging. Do not choose products with packaging that is damaged.
  • Do not serve instant noodles with hot water on damaged packages. It can also make toxic substances from the container move to food.
  • We recommend brewing instant noodles with hot water, not boiling water (above 100 ° C). The average water temperature will drop to 85 ° C in one minute and then drop again to 60 ° C within 30 minutes. Water temperatures of more than 100 ° C can make harmful substances from the foam container detach and move to food.

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Is it true that containers of instant noodles can cause cancer?
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