Unpacking the Benefits and Dangers of the Chanting Tradition


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When visiting cities in eastern Indonesia or villages on the island of Java, don't be surprised if you are treated to betel leaves and areca seeds. For some people of Indonesia, it has become a lifestyle and tradition that is ingrained. Almost everyone in a particular village or city is chasing, even children. So, a smile decorated with red or purplish teeth because it is chewing is not a strange sight anymore. As the tradition spread, the experts tried to learn more about the benefits and dangers of health. Check out the following information to find out medical views about the tradition of chanting.

Get to know the tradition of chanting in Indonesia

Chucking is a habit that has been known to people in Southeast Asia since centuries ago. It is not known when exactly the ancestors started this habit. To exclude, the Indonesian people will usually pound, destroy, or split areca beans. After that, areca seeds will be rolled or wrapped in betel leaves.

As a flavor enhancer, sometimes people add spices, orange juice, lime, or tobacco. The ingredients will then be chewed and sucked. It feels so unique, which is rather spicy, spicy, and sweet.

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Benefits of chewing

Quitting is believed to be good for maintaining healthy teeth and the digestive system. This is because chewing betel leaves and areca seeds can trigger the production of saliva. Saliva contains various types of proteins and minerals that are good for maintaining tooth strength and preventing gum disease. In addition, saliva always cleanses teeth and gums from food debris or dirt.

For your digestive system, saliva serves to bind and soften food. That way, you can swallow and send food to the esophagus, intestines and stomach smoothly. This certainly helps facilitate the work of your digestive system.

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In addition, it is believed to be a source of energy. Because, areca seeds contain psychoactive substances that are very similar to nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. The body will produce adrenaline hormone. You also feel more refreshed, alert, and energized.

The danger is wiping out

Although the tradition of chanting can provide benefits, public health experts are beginning to voice concerns regarding the danger of choking. From the researchers' reports, it is known that wiping turns out to be at risk of causing various diseases that cannot be underestimated, such as cancer. The following is an explanation of the danger of choking for health.

1. Oral cancer

Reporting from the official website of the World Health Organization (WHO), menyirih high risk of causing cancer, especially in the mouth area. This conclusion is based on research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer in South and Southeast Asia.

It turns out that the mixture of betel leaves, areca seeds, lime, and tobacco is carcinogenic (triggers cancer). If consumed too often for a long period of time, you are prone to oral cancer, esophageal cancer (esophagus), throat cancer, laryngeal cancer, and cheek cancer.

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2. Wounds in the oral cavity

Chewing betel nut increases your risk of experiencing oral mucosal lesions, namely the appearance of a wound (lesion) in the oral cavity. Wounds or irritations are formed because the mixture of ingredients leaves it very hard on the mouth. Especially if it is a habit that can be stopped. The bad effects become faster and more difficult to handle.

If it is severe enough, this condition causes the mouth to feel stiff and eventually your jaw will be difficult to move. Until now there is no drug that can cure oral mucosal lesions. The treatment offered is only able to relieve the symptoms that appear.

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3. Disorders of the fetus

It is not yet known that pregnant women must be aware of the danger of choking. Chewing during pregnancy risks causing genetic changes in fetal DNA. Genetic changes due to this choking endanger the womb, as well as smoking can cause fetal disability. A wasting pregnant woman is also at risk of giving birth to a baby underweight. Therefore, WHO and public health experts urge pregnant women not to betray.

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Unpacking the Benefits and Dangers of the Chanting Tradition
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