Why Eat Salted Fish and Apparently Unhealthy Hot Rice


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Have you ever thought that eating salted fish can trigger cancer? Salted fish and hot rice plus a spicy chili are right for lunch for Indonesians who like to eat traditional food. However, did you know that health experts do not recommend this?

Salted fish contains cancer-causing substances due to the manufacturing process

The delicious and appetizing salted fish basically contains nitrosamines, which are carcinogens (cancer-triggering substances). The carcinogen is produced in the manufacturing process. As is known, the manufacturing process is given salt (marinated) and then dried in the sun, to dry and so that it lasts longer and can be stored for a long time.

Unfortunately, in the process of salting and drying, sunlight reacts to the nitrite produced by fish meat, then a nitros compound is formedamen. Finally, frequent eating of salted fish for a long time can lead to nasopharyngeal cancer (throat cancer or ENT), especially if your immune system is low.

Why are salted fish more dangerous if eaten with hot rice?

Well, if it's salted fish onadd with the freshly cooked hot rice, then the steaming rice steam will bring the substance nitrosamines to the pores of your skin. Especially to the mouth, neck and throat.

Actually, not only applies to salted fish, foods and processed products are salted or at least contain nitrite (part of nitrosamines), which will cause carcinogens in your body. Therefore children are advised not to consume salted fish because their immunity is still low. If from a small age you often eat salted fish then when adults are more susceptible to nasopharyngeal cancer.

What is the function of nitrosamine nitrite for food?

In the early 20th century, many food producers who started using this nitrite on their products. What is the function of nitrite?

Nitrite is a food additive that is used as a preservative in meat processing. Nitrosamine nitrite is very important in preventing decay, especially for storage, transportation that takes a short time, and the distribution needs of meat products.

Nitrosamine nitrite also functions as an ingredient for sensory factors, namely color, aroma, and taste. Therefore, in the canned food industry, the use of preservatives is very important because it can cause the color of the processed meat to be red or pink and look fresh so that the processed meat products are favored by consumers.

How do you know if a food contains nitrosamine nitrite?

According to research from the University of Minesotta, substances nitrite in food, especially salted fish itself is not a problem for the body, as long as it is not too frequent and excessive. Nitrite is also commonly found in processed corned beef, sausages and even cheese. However, during the digestion of nitrite into the body, sodium nitrite will be converted into nitrosamine, and that's where the origin of cancer begins.

It is easy for those of you who avoid these cancer triggers, you can see behind the packaging on the nutritional label, if there is writing "sodium nitrite or nitrosamine nitrite" almost certainly the substance is a preservative and deterrents the occurrence of foul food, which should be avoided . Nitrosamine in salted fish is also found in foods such as pickles, fried foods, or smoked.

Why Eat Salted Fish and Apparently Unhealthy Hot Rice
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