3 Secrets Behind the Buttocks, Which One Are You?



Not only body shape, buttocks apparently save a certain meaning in it. Maybe you have tepos but rather thick. Well, it could be that there are certain meanings that you don't know yet.

The meaning of the shape of the buttocks that you might not know

1. Round and filled

Have a big or full butt shape? This is probably good news for your health. One study in the International Journal of Obesity found that fat deposits in the buttocks can reduce the risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases.

From this study it is also known that people who have round buttocks tend to have normal cholesterol levels and have a lower chance of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Usually, the buttocks are round and contain this also indicates that the hamstrings are routinely trained, so that the buttocks rise and look filled. Even though there is a pile of fat in it, but the muscles in that area are also formed. So, the smaller your chances of getting a chronic disease.

2. Wide and flat

Flat or flat butt turns out to have its own meaning, you know. Yes, a flat and wide buttocks indicate that the muscles of the hip area are weak and rarely used. Usually, people who have a shape like this are used to sitting very long and not exercising regularly.

It is not unhealthy, but this shows that it is possible that the fat deposits in the buttocks are very large and the muscles will become weaker if not used. If left unchecked it can put you at risk of experiencing certain chronic diseases.

Moreover, if you still continue the habit of lack of motion. Over time, weight increases and the amount of fat in the buttocks increases.

So, try to stay active moving the muscles of the hip area. If you feel that you have been sitting for a long time, you can take a walk for a while and stretch.

Or take one to two minutes per day to do a squat, so the butt is round and up. 3.

3. Small in the buttocks, large at the waist

It's different if you have a small buttocks. Do not be happy first, the article has a small buttocks while the large abdomen and waist area make you at greater risk of heart disease or other chronic diseases.

Usually, people who have a shape like this, automatically have an apple body shape aka the chest, arms, thick belly full. Someone who stores fat at the waist may have a low risk of life expectancy, even if he is not overweight. This is based on research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers tracked more than 15,000 men and women with different body mass indexes for around 14 years. Researchers found people with normal weight and apple-shaped bodies had a higher risk of dying from heart disease or other causes compared to people who had fat deposits in the thighs or on the hips.

3 Secrets Behind the Buttocks, Which One Are You?
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