6 Exciting Activities You Can Do in the Office to Ban Stress



Bored, too late, and tired while in the office can make it unproductive.Most staring at the monitor screen while sitting too long can also undermine the health of the body. To deal with work stress and increase your productivity, try doing these six things while in the office!

Many ways to deal with work stress and increase productivity in the office

1. Don't get used to overtime

The office situation sometimes forces you to work overtime almost every day. But you should not get used to going home from work late at night. There have been many medical studies that link the habit of overtime with the risk of stroke and heart disease, even breast cancer in women.

Recommendations "do not overtime" are also intended for freelancers who often work at home (or other places) without knowing the time so forget about health.

Many workers freeelance who have odd working hours or work more than 10 hours per day. This can threaten your health condition without realizing it, as well as office workers who are "overtime hooked".

Begin firmly to yourself formake the maximum limit for how long you work. Try to always get the job done on time so you don't have to overtime. This way, you will have more time to rest and get enough sleep.The next day, the body and mind will be fresher to start working again.

2. Decorate the table with all-green accessories or funny accessories

The advice of the ancestors who said that seeing the greens can make fresh eyes proved to be true by the medical world. The dominant environment that is green will have a healthy effect on the eyes and mind.

Color can affect your psychological and emotional condition. Green is often associated with nature and a healthy environment. In addition, green also symbolizes harmony, balance, calmness, and peace.

So when you are too late and stressed out at work, slip into the window for a moment to watch the shade of the trees decorate the road.

Examples of terrariums that you can put on an office desk

If it's not there, decorate your work desk with knick-knacks and green accessories. For example mini pots, such as cactus or mini bamboo.

In addition to making fresh eyes and mind, stuffy and stuffy office air can be overcome with indoor ornamental plants.

3. Many moves

Although work requires you to sit quietly and stare at a computer screen, don't make this a reason for you to be lazy to move.

Every 30 minutes to 1 hour, take the time to move from the bench and take a walk for a moment. Whether it's to go to the toilet, refill drinking glasses, or do a simple stretch in the office.

These small changes can make the mind more refreshed and the body fitter while working in the office.

4. Try meditating

Than just scrolling timeline medsos, meditation is a more effective way to deal with work stress in the office.

Research from Germany reported that people who practice meditation showed a decrease in the level of the stress hormone cortisol by 51 percent after experiencing a stressful situation. Meditation also helps you to sharpen your concentration and alertness.

how to meditate
Meditation in the office, a powerful way to get rid of work stress

Simply stop all activities that you are doing, leave your mind blank and don't think about anything, then take a few deep breaths. Calculate your breath and stay focused until you are calmer.

In addition to the office, also spend 10 to 15 minutes of your time in the morning before leaving for work to meditate. This is a good start to start the day with more enthusiasm.

5. Use aromatherapy fragrances

Essential oils with certain fragrances can make the mind relax, you know! An example is lavender or jasmine aromatherapy oil.

However, avoid using aromatherapy fragrances with fragrant food or a piercing fragrance. Apart from disturbing the sense of smell, this can make you even less focused on work.

6. Interact fun with coworkers

For those of you who have a myriad of work, the office seems to be your second home. In 24 hours, you can spend half a day in the office.

To make you feel more at home in the office, make the work atmosphere more enjoyable with colleagues. For example, hold a social gathering every Friday afternoon or go for a fun karaoke.

In addition to building stronger relationships between employees, work productivity will also increase if the mood of everyone in the office is always good.

6 Exciting Activities You Can Do in the Office to Ban Stress
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