What are you doing, drying a bolster pillow under the hot sun?


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When the weather is hot, you might see many people drying their pillows, bolsters, or mattresses under sun exposure. Drying bolster pillows has become a habit for people in countries that get enough sunlight throughout the year, including Indonesia. However, what is the reason for drying a bolster pillow under the sun? Is this really the right way to clean your bed equipment? Directly refer to the following review to find out the answer.

Why do you dry a pillow in the sun?

Since the first time, the habit of drying bolster pillows has been done to expel germs, bacteria, ticks, and mites that live in bolsters. Hot sun exposure and heat are believed to kill susceptible organisms due to asthma and allergies.

According to experts, certain mites and bacteria do not survive at very high temperatures (above 50 degrees Celsius). So, the more sunny the sun, the more effective it will be in killing bed mites.

Drying a bolster pillow can also make the pillow roll again. The reason is, after all this time pillows and bolsters will absorb moisture from your sweat or body fluids. This makes the inside of the pillow and bolster more flat or flat. Drying in the sun can make the moisture trapped in the pillow roll evaporate.

How do you clean pillows and bolsters?

To prevent allergies or asthma attacks due to fleas, mites, and other organisms on bolsters, you should regularly clean pillows and bolsters. Wash and replace the bolster pillow once a week. Wash with detergent and hot water (about 50-75 degrees Celsius) and dry in the hot sun. If there is no sun, you can put it in the drying machine (dry cleaner).

Meanwhile, for the inside of the pillow and bolster you can clean it every three months. Wash the bolster pillow with detergent and hot water. Then, dry in the hot sun. You don't need to hang it for days. Just wait until the pillow and roll dry completely. When drying, keep pillows and bolsters away from dust or dirt that might stick to the surface of the fabric.

Tips to prevent lice and bed mites

After washing the pillow, the lice and mites can come back again. If you and your family are allergic to lice and bed mites, choose special bolsters and pillowcases that these organisms cannot touch but still feel soft to the touch. These sheets are usually available at the center of household appliances.

Also make sure the air circulation in your bedroom is quite good. Because the small animals will breed in damp air. So, try to keep the bolster dry.

What are you doing, drying a bolster pillow under the hot sun?
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