5 Foods That Can Reduce Male Sex Passion


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Male sex drive can be influenced by various factors, including one of them food. Don't just focus on foods that can increase arousal, you also need to find out various foods that can reduce male sexual arousal. Here's the review.

List of foods that can reduce male sex drive

Actually there is no one type of food that can directly make you lose sex drive drastically. The foods mentioned below can trigger triggers for sexual arousal, but not the main cause. Well, so that sex drive continues to burn, it's good to avoid the following types of food.

1. Microwave popcorn

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Be careful when choosing snacks. Because the popcorn packaging that usually needs to be cooked in the microwave has a negative impact on your sexual life. This layer in microwave popcorn generally contains perfluorooctanoic acid which can interfere with endocrine hormones and reduce testosterone levels.

2. Mint leaves

Mint leaves have various health benefits such as relieving heartburn, increasing concentration, and reducing bad breath. Unfortunately, mint leaves are not beneficial for your sex life.

Dr. Tasmeen Bhatia, a nutrition and family health expert from the United States states that menthol in mint leaves can reduce testosterone. In fact, spearmint tea is recommended for women with PCOS with the aim of lowering testosterone levels that are too high.

3. Shrimp

the benefits of eating shrimp

Although shrimp is one of the favorite foods of many people, it's good to limit its consumption. Shrimp on the market are usually sprayed with a material called 4-hexylresorcinol. This one ingredient helps make the shrimp still look attractive with a bright orange color. Unfortunately, this sprayer actually risks increasing estrogen and reducing testosterone levels.

4. Flaxseed


Flaxseed is one source of omega-3 and alpha linoleic fatty acids which is good for health. Unfortunately, for men this food is one that needs to be reduced. Because the ground flaxseed has lignin and fiber which helps metabolize estrogen and reduce testosterone.

So that sex drive is maintained, try not to consume more than three teaspoons a week. Although it may reduce male sex drive, flaxseed is very good for your heart health.

5. Alcohol

alcoholic liver cirrhosis, liver disease due to drinking alcoholic cirrhosis alcohol

Eating alcohol excessively can have a negative impact on your sex life and your partner's. Because, alcohol makes you more difficult to achieve an erection and orgasm. In fact, some types of beer can cause premature ejaculation which can reduce the level of satisfaction when making love. Therefore, try not to drink more than five to seven glasses of alcohol per week.

5 Foods That Can Reduce Male Sex Passion
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