Eye Continues? 4 of these conditions may be the cause


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When you wake up and look in the mirror, there will definitely be mucus that dries in the corner of the eye. This dry mucus is also called by smelling it. This is normal because when sleeping the eyes do not blink so that the natural mucus will gather in the corner of the eye. However, mucus can be produced more so that it makes the eyes tear all day long. What are the causes?

Various conditions that cause the eyes to tear

Mucus is produced along with tears. When the eyes experience interference, mucus can be produced more than usual making your eyes faint. Some conditions that cause the eyes to become stiff, among others:

1. Conjunctivitis

contagious eye pain

Your eyelids are covered by a membrane called the conjunctiva. This membrane is full of blood vessels that are very small in size. When dirt or foreign matter enters the eye and irritates the membrane, the white of the eye can turn red. This condition is also called conjunctivitis or red eye.

Red eyes make greenish mucus come out more so it makes you easy to bend. Especially when you wake up, dry mucus can make your eyes difficult to open. In addition to mucus, the eyes become swollen, itchy, runny and feels sore.

2. Dry eyes

how to deal with dry eyes

Tears contain four components, namely water, mucus, oil, and antibodies. If the tear glands are disrupted, the tear production process can be hampered. As a result the eyes can dry out due to lack of fluids.

The dry eye condition stimulates the nerves to produce "reserve tears". Unfortunately, these tears do not have the same component, which contains more mucus. This condition causes the eyes to become easy to fissure, quickly tired and sensitive to light, and a sensation like flickering eyes appears.

3. Blockage of the tear ducts

causes of watery eyes

Tears produced by the tear glands will pass through the tear ducts. Well, this channel can be connected to the nose area and also the throat.

If this channel is blocked due to infection, injury, or damage, tears cannot flow. This condition can cause swelling in the corners of the eye, wrinkled eyelids, red and slimy eyes.

4. Corneal ulcer

tear gland pain

The cornea is the clear layer that lines the pupils and also the iris. Although rare, bacterial infections and chronic dry eyes can cause ulcers in the cornea. Ulcers are festering wounds that are difficult to heal.

Symptoms that may occur are red eyes accompanied by discharge of mucus or pus, the eyelids swell and feel painful, blurred vision and pain when seeing bright light.

Eye Continues? 4 of these conditions may be the cause
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