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6 Causes of Penis Pain that need to be examined by a doctor


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Penis pain can occur due to various causes. The affected part can be right on the penis or around the penis. Here are some conditions for penile pain that require medical treatment or a doctor's examination.

When to see a doctor if the penis hurts?

1. The tip of the penis hurts like burning

Pain and heat like burning on the tip of your penis is usually caused by the remaining soap or shampoo on the tip of the penis that has not disappeared completely.

If this happens, your penis can become irritated after the soap seeps into the urethra. Sometimes when you urinate it will also hurt.

This can also be a sign of a venereal disease, if the tip of the penis hurts does not disappear after one or two days. Especially if accompanied by the release of green or white liquid.

Another possible cause is the presence of kidney stones, although pain at the tip of your penis is usually accompanied by pain in your lower abdomen.

The fix is ​​to allow yourself to rest for several days. However, if the pain does not go away or gets worse, you should contact your doctor immediately.

2. Scrotum feels sore and heavy

Scrotum is a bag around the testicles, which produces, stores and transmits sperm and male hormones. The scrotum can feel sore or heavy. Usually this is caused by lifting heavy loads, moving heavy furniture, or standing for too long.

Varicocele which is an enlargement of the vein in your scrotum that heats your testes and causes tenderness. Blood collection due to enlargement of the scrotum vein can damage your ability to produce sperm and testosterone.

This penis pain in the scrotum will usually subside when you lie down. However, if the feeling of penis pain does not disappear, you need to see a doctor immediately.

3. Pain during erection

Most men with erectile dysfunction cannot drain blood to the penis. This is the result of priapism which is a problem with blood flow coming out of the penis during erection. During a healthy erection, blood must flow in both directions.

Finally, the blood trapped in your penis as a result of priapism becomes "deoxygenated," which causes pain. This usually occurs in men who mix erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra or Cialis with drugs such as cocaine or ecstasy. Therefore, it's best not to do that.

This condition needs to be immediately taken to a doctor or emergency room.

penis hurt due to balanitis

4. Sharp pain in the testicles

Sharp and piercing pain in the testis may be caused by torsion of the testicles. Torsio testis is a condition where your testicles are twisted which results in blood flow and oxygen not smooth. Usually this condition is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

This condition requires immediate medical treatment and includes a life-threatening emergency. Therefore, contact your doctor immediately or go to the hospital if you experience this.

According to Dr. Jon Pryor, a urologist from the University of Minnesota, said that "If this condition can be treated in 4-6 hours, your testicles will be fine,". "However, after 12-24 hours, you might lose it."

5. Pain in the upper part of the scrotum, near the base of the penis

Pain penis around the base, or precisely at the top of the scrotum, can get worse and can be accompanied by swelling or redness.

The cause of this pain is probably epididymitis or an epididymal infection, a small organ located between the penis and the testes that stores sperm.

In men younger than 35 years, this infection is usually caused by venereal disease. Meanwhile, in men aged 35 years and over, this is usually caused by a bacterial infection.

If you experience pain like this you should immediately see a doctor.

6. Penis hurts when urinating

The worst cause of penis pain when urinating is bladder cancer. What's more, if the pain during urination is accompanied by the presence of blood in the urine, so the color of urine looks like rusty.

However, the more common cause of penile pain when small discharge is urinary tract infection. This condition occurs when bacteria enter your urethra. Another reason is that you experience venereal disease such as gonorrhea.

If you experience this condition, immediately visit a doctor.

6 Causes of Penis Pain that need to be examined by a doctor
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