This Is the Danger of Steering While Taking a Child


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Children are curiosity-filled creatures. They question everything that is in plain sight and continue to be active in exploring the world. So it's no wonder that many children express their interest in driving cars like adults. As a form of love for the baby, parents allow children to sit on their laps while driving. Driving while holding your child may seem quite safe. After all, you and your child have a seat belt installed properly. It's okay, right?

Even though, whatever the reason, driving while holding a child is very dangerous and not justified.

What is the danger of driving while holding a child?

Driving while holding the child makes it difficult to concentrate

Driving while holding your child breaks your concentration and alertness. On the one hand, you have to focus 100% on the streets, but you are also preoccupied with keeping your nosy hands away from fiddling with the steering wheel or other steering levers that should not be tampered with.

But you can never guess the street situation. For example, suddenly there is a sudden braking vehicle. Ideally, you will be required to readily take important decisions in anticipation of a collision. But when your child is in his lap, the body's natural reflexes will have difficulty reacting quickly: they must keep the child from being hit by the steering wheel, removing the child's hand on the steering wheel, or braking. Without realizing this, this will make the driver around look awkward and it is very possible to have a fatal accident

Driving while holding a child is tantamount to injuring a child

Even if you and your child are safely protected, it does not mean you are free from accidents. What's more, a seat belt should not be used for two people at once. This causes the belt to become interested in loosening the body, which causes the child to risk molos from the belt grip.

In a collision between cars (the most common type of traffic accident and the deadliest), the child can be thrown forward to hit the steering wheel or dashboard and also squeezed by your weight - As a result it is hit twice by a pretty hard hit. Or in the worst case scenario, the child can be thrown out the window. Even if your seat belt is strong enough to hold you both, the child is at greater risk of being injured by a foreign object entering the glass.

Airbags are not always safe for children

Driving while holding a child can be even more dangerous if your steering wheel is equipped with an air bag (airbag) Although airbags can save lives, these airbags are dangerous for small children and babies if they sit in the front seat of the car. The air bag can expand almost instantly, within 20 milliseconds at speeds of up to 257 km / hr.

Children's bones and muscles are still developing, and their head size is also larger than their body size, rather than the proportion of an adult's body. This makes it harder for the child to maintain an upright position even during light collisions. That is, a direct collision between the child's face and an airbag explosion during a collision occurs creates a multiple risk of severe head and neck injuries. Complications of severe head injuries can be fatal.

Tips for safe driving with children

In almost every case, driving while holding a child is dangerous and you should not let your child sit in the front seat of the car until he is at least 13 years old. Sit in the rear feeder seat with a baby seat that is properly installed, or attach the seatbelt to an older child.

Even if conditions require you to sit a small child in the front passenger seat, install a rear facing baby car seat. Check to see if your car's air bag has an on-off switch. If yes, turn it off before starting to drive. If not, install it first.

This Is the Danger of Steering While Taking a Child
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