Can Pregnant Women Make Blood Donations?


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Charity certainly cannot only be done by giving charity and helping those in need. Various ways can be done if the purpose is to help. One thing that can be done is to donate blood. One purpose, but different ways. All people in healthy and sick conditions certainly want to help each other. However, what if you do a blood donor while pregnant?

Can you donate blood during pregnancy?

Unfortunately blood donation during pregnancy is not recommended. This is done to protect the health of the mother, and avoid stress on the fetus due to lack of blood circulation in the uterus. After giving birth if you want to donate blood, you have to wait nine months from the delivery period (including the postpartum period), to allow your body to have enough iron levels to maintain the nutritional health of the baby and yourself in relation to breastfeeding.

Pregnant women do not need to make blood donations, because pregnant women tend to experience anemia so they need blood for themselves and their own fetus. Mothers who are desperate to make blood donors during pregnancy will increase their risk of developing anemia. Iron blood levels of pregnant women are already low, even before donors. When donating 250 or 350 cc of blood and an additional 30 cc for the blood test process in the lab, the mother has the potential to lose a minimum of 204-299 mg or 9-13 percent of the blood iron reserves. As a result it increases the risk of iron deficiency anemia for the mother and fetus.

What are the consequences if you donate blood during pregnancy?

Blood deficiency in pregnant women due to donors is very much in effect in pregnancy, not only for the mother but also for the fetus in her birth, such as:

  • Increases the risk of miscarriage
  • Birth of a premature baby
  • Prolonged shock
  • Occurrence of infection during labor and postpartum
  • Bleeding caused by the absence of uterine muscle contractions
  • Long labor due to fatigue of the uterine muscles when contracting

What if I make a blood donor before I know that I am pregnant?

If you have donated blood before knowing that you are pregnant, this may occur during the early stages of pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, your body is still preparing to adapt, so you will feel healthy and not realize when adjusting to pregnancy. This is not the case, provided that after your physical donor has not experienced a decrease in change. In this case, you are usually considered to be eligible to donate blood.

You will also receive a brief explanation (before and after blood donation) where blood pressure, hemoglobin, and temperature are measured by a donor officer. But, if you are worried about the next stage after finding out you are pregnant, please consult a doctor.


Although there is no definite prohibition, what if the mother does a blood donor during pregnancy, it is still not recommended during pregnancy to do blood donation Remembering needs during or after pregnancy cannot be fully anticipated regarding the hazards and risks that will be accepted. Pregnant women need enough blood to meet the fetus's growth and health


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Can Pregnant Women Make Blood Donations?
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