Frequent Nausea When Drinking Pregnant Vitamins? Here's the right way


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Many complaints during pregnancy, and these conditions make pregnant women feel uncomfortable.Nausea at the beginning of the trimester of pregnancy is very prone to occur. Under certain conditions, pregnant women cannot always rely on eating a lot of nutritious food. Vitamins for pregnancy are often recommended by doctors for the development of the health of mothers and babies being conceived. Vitamins needed include folic acid, vitamin B 6, iron, omega three fats, and calcium.

Why do pregnant vitamins make nausea?

1. Hormones in the body increase

In pregnant women, the increased hormone estrogen will result in recurrence of stomach acid at any time. This condition makes pregnant women in an uncomfortable position. Pregnant women need vitamin intake during nausea, but pregnant women will also be nauseous after taking vitamins.

2. The body's metabolism changes

During pregnancy, the metabolism in the mother's body decreases. This condition also affects the immune system of a person, not infrequently pregnant women will feel an unhealthy body accompanied by nausea continues.

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3. HCG hormone

This hormone appears after the fetus in the uterus is formed. The placental layer and the baby's placenta begin to appear, bringing changes to the body of the pregnant woman accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

4. Choking

Young and old pregnant women affect the body of the mother in accepting something that enters the stomach. During large pregnancy, the fetus that begins to fill the uterus and the mother's stomach area will urge the other digestive tracts and organs. This is the reason pregnant women find it difficult not to nausea when taking vitamins.

How do you take pregnant vitamins so you don't get nauseous?

Pregnant women feel they need to get vitamins, if in the trimester of pregnancy they experience severe nausea and vomiting which causes food intake to be hampered. Or, if the condition of pregnant women has problems with the lack of weight gain according to age. When pregnant, the mother's body does not necessarily receive the intake of nutrients that come from outside, sometimes the body also reacts by rejecting it or feeling nauseous when taking vitamins.

How do you take vitamins for pregnant women so they don't become nauseous?

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1. Don't leave the stomach empty before taking vitamins

Vitamins are needed by pregnant women to add nutrients from foods that cannot be eaten by mothers. Generally, mothers with early gestational age have difficulty receiving food, by taking vitamins it is expected to help add nutrition to the mother and baby. Nausea when ingesting pregnant vitamins? First make sure your stomach is a little filled with food, try eating a small cake or bread with a small portion so that the stomach is slightly accustomed, not immediately rejecting the incoming vitamins.

2. Eat a small spoon of sweet sugar

The bitter taste, mat, and dense of vitamins are difficult to swallow and can cause nausea in pregnant women. It was recommended after taking vitami to consume one teaspoon of pure sugar in the mouth to expel the bitter taste after ingesting vitamins

3. Choose vitamins with favorite flavors

By using the preferred taste, a person's body will accept a little if the taste buds get the feeling they like. When you want to buy vitamins, choose vitamins with the choice of taste you like.

4. Drink warm water with lemon juice

Before the mother drank the vitamin, it's good for the mother to drink warm water with lemon juice, a little honey can be added. Warm water can relax the tense muscles of the body so that it can receive vitamin grains in the esophagus to the stomach later. Lemon fragrance can also relax the body and the content of vitamin C from lemon is very beneficial for the body and baby conceived

5. Eat cold fruit before taking vitamins

Vitamin taken by pregnant women to fulfill nutritional intake that cannot be obtained from normal food. If you are still nauseous, try to eat cold fruit before taking vitamins. The cold sensation and refreshing taste of the fruit are believed to repel nausea after taking vitamins later.

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Frequent Nausea When Drinking Pregnant Vitamins? Here's the right way
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