Massage When Pregnant, Safe Or Not?


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When pregnant, the body can feel stiff, sore, and uncomfortable. You might want to get a massage so that your body relaxes and becomes limp. However, can you actually get a massage during pregnancy? Basically, massaging during pregnancy is fine. However, experts advise you to consult with a gynecologist before a massage. This is because the body of each pregnant woman is different. Before you start massage for pregnant women, there are several things that need to be considered below.

When can you massage while pregnant?

According to obstetricians, you should wait until you enter the second trimester. Let your body adapt to changes and discomfort in the first trimester. According to obstetricians from the United States, Dr. Mary Rosser, the first trimester is a vulnerable time. So, it's best not to take risks with massage. After all, according to Dr. Mary Rosser usually back pain or a new sore body will be felt in the second trimester.

Also keep in mind, pregnant women whose pregnancies are at risk or who have not received permission from their obstetrician should not massage first. The reason is, there is not enough research that can prove a massage while pregnant is fully safe and risk free.

Guide to safe massage during pregnancy

Don't massage with just anyone. To avoid unwanted risks, massage with people who are experienced or certified in a massage for pregnant women. Massagers or therapists who are used to handling pregnancy massage usually know more about your safe position, which points to avoid, and how your body reacts to massage.

To be safer, you should join a special massage for pregnant women. This special massage is usually more soothing and does not hurt. Your body parts will be stressed using a massage palm. This massage technique generally comes from Sweden.

Are there certain types of massage that should be avoided?

There are several types of massage that are currently available for pregnant women. If you want to get a massage during pregnancy, you should avoid traditional massage. In the traditional massage (sorted), the therapist will press firmly with the tip of the thumb. Pressure like this is more at risk of causing pain or the transfer of blood clots to parts of the body that require smooth blood flow.

Also be careful if you want to do reflexology. Usually the pressure given will focus on the legs. Meanwhile, some points on the ankles and calves can trigger contractions. So if you are still far from the date of delivery, avoid this massage.

Massage When Pregnant, Safe Or Not?
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