5 Healthy Steps to Facing Pet Death


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When you feel lonely or need friends, pets can be your best friend. Even sometimes pets are like family members. Indeed, raising animals has health benefits for pleasure. Therefore, the death of a pet can be very sad. However, you must still be able to face the death of your favorite pet. How to? See here the answer.

Why can the death of a pet be so sad?

For many people who keep pets, these animals are not just cats or dogs, but are part of family members, friends, pleasure bearers, and sources of joy in life.

Pets can add color to your daily activities, keep you active, help and accompany you at any time. Therefore, when a loved one dies, it is only natural that you feel so lost.

While everyone responds to different feelings of sadness, the level of sadness that you experience will depend on factors such as your age and personality, the age of your pet, and the cause of death of a pet.

In general, the more important a pet is to your life, the stronger the pain you feel.

The role that your pet plays in your life can also have an impact on the pain you experience. For example, if you live alone and your pet is your only friend at home, making peace with a pet's death can be difficult. Especially if you keep these animals from being small, of course sadness will deepen.

However, regardless of the condition of your loss, remember that sadness is personal to you. So you don't need to be shy about your feelings, or feel unworthy to grieve. Although pet death is an inevitable part of having a pet, there are a number of healthy ways to deal with pain, make peace with sadness, and when the time is right, maybe you can open your heart to have a new pet.


Tips for making peace with sadness due to the death of a pet

Sadness can appear in many forms. Some people will cry more and maybe some others need time to be alone. Secretly sadness can also be transformed into anger. Even so, you must still face the death of a pet calmly and not need to drag on.

Here are some steps to dealing with the death of a pet that might help you.

1. Recognize and accept feelings of loss

This step is important so you can make peace with sadness itself. Be honest with yourself how losing a pet can hurt. Because, some people try to cover up their sense of loss by thinking that because the deceased is "only" an animal, then it should not be sad.

This kind of thinking makes you worse, because in your deepest heart, your pet has a special place in your life.

2. Divert attention from a sense of loss

Divert attention from the memory of your pet's death by staying busy and doing daily activities as usual. This way sadness won't drag on, and over time you can get used to the fact that your pet is gone.

3. Capture moments with pets

You can write things about your pet in stories or poems, draw, or write songs. Or plan the funeral of your pet. Some people choose to donate in memories of pets to animal shelters or even volunteer there. All of these ideas can help you maintain good and happy memories.

4. Consult a therapist

If at the time of death your pet is also experiencing other serious problems, sadness can be very extraordinary. Suppose you lose a pet when you are facing a parent divorce case. Therefore, it never hurts to consult a therapist or psychologist to help you control the emotional turmoil that arises.

5. Plan to raise new animals

You will never forget your pet. However, over time sad feelings will subside. When the time is right, you might be able to plan to raise new animals.

5 Healthy Steps to Facing Pet Death
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