Laughing at Yourself Turns Many Benefits, You know! Anything?


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Laughter is an antidote to stress, pain, and even an antidote to conflict There is no other reliable way to make your mind and body recover quickly when responding to negative things. Laughter or humor is the key. Laughter provides many benefits. Not only laughing because there are funny things, laughing at yourself also turns out to be good for health.

Previous research considers that laughing at yourself is considered a negative effect of the pressure a person feels. Laughing at yourself is usually related to anxiety and low self-confidence. However, recent research in the journal Personality and Individual Differnces proves the opposite.

Are there benefits to laughing at yourself?

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A study from the University of Granada in the journal Personality and Individual Differences showed that clinically, people who often joke about themselves or laugh at their own weaknesses, shortcomings, or mistakes as jokes are more psychologically prosperous.

These findings include controversial research, contrary to previous research which says that people who like to use themselves as a sign material indicate a negative psychological condition.

Jorge Torres Marin, one of the researchers in the study said that laughing at oneself had to do with a high score on psychological well-being. This score on psychological well-being can be a signal of good happiness and social skills.

Laughing at yourself works like the effects of psychotherapy that can improve overall mental health. Researchers assume that psychological well-being is an indicator of happiness, life satisfaction, and optimism about life. So, laughing at yourself is considered good for mental health.

Laughing at yourself melts the social atmosphere

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Laughing at yourself may not be easy, because you will feel embarrassed to highlight your weaknesses and weaknesses. However, instead of feeling embarrassed, hiding weaknesses or shortcomings in reasonable jokes can actually show that you are someone who can melt the atmosphere and reduce tension.

This sense of humor also does not harm any party. It will make other people more open and comfortable with you.

Laughing at yourself is good for physical health too

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People who can laugh at themselves tend to have positive thoughts and are not easily worried, so they are more protected from chronic stress.

Chronic stress or prolonged stress can trigger high production of natural stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. The high production of this hormone has been shown to be associated with increased mental and physical health problems.

Physical health problems that can occur such as headaches, heart disease, and digestive problems. Whereas mental health problems that can occur such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, the ability to laugh at weaknesses, mistakes, or lack of self is considered healthy for the body and soul.

Laughing at Yourself Turns Many Benefits, You know! Anything?
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