Women Also Have Testosterone Hormones, Loh! What does it do?


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The hormone testosterone is commonly known as a typical male hormone. Hearing the word testosterone, you may immediately imagine the image of a stocky man and yet, do you know that women also have this hormone? The hormone testosterone is produced naturally in a woman's body. So is the case with the hormone estrogen which is often referred to as female hormones. Estrogen can also be found in a man's body. The hormone testosterone plays an important role for women. Testosterone deficiency can also trigger various health problems. To learn more about the function of testosterone in women, see the full information below.

What is the function of testosterone in women?

In women, the testosterone hormone is not produced as much as in men. This hormone will work together with other hormones in your body such as estrogen and progesterone to regulate various bodily functions. Among them is to keep sex drive high, improve cognitive function of the brain, regulate mood (mood), and maintain bone health.

What happens if there is too much or too little testosterone in women?

When female testosterone levels are too high or low, you risk experiencing some health problems. The following are symptoms of a deficiency or excess of testosterone in women.

1. Losing sex drive

If lately your sex life and partner become more bland, you may lack testosterone. Because, this hormone is responsible for regulating libido and the pleasure you feel when making love. A number of studies also reveal that a lack of testosterone in women can make it difficult for you to orgasm.

However, that does not mean you may carelessly take testosterone supplement pills. If you lose sex drive that is not caused by stress or problems with your partner, consult your doctor directly.

2. Difficult to build muscle

Have you been exercising hard so that more muscles are formed, but haven't succeeded too? Maybe, low testosterone levels are the cause. The hormone testosterone is indeed in charge of helping the synthesis of proteins needed for increased muscle mass. This lack of hormones will make your efforts to build muscle more difficult.

3. Easily tired

Feeling tired is natural. However, if you almost always feel tired, you need to be careful. Or you usually can jogging for an hour, but lately it's only been strong for up to 30 minutes. It could be that you lack testosterone. According to a study conducted by experts in Canada, people with low testosterone levels tend to be more easily tired.

4. Depression

Depression is indeed not caused by lack of testosterone alone. There are many other risk factors that can trigger this condition. However, this hormone deficiency can make a person more susceptible to depression. Based on the results of a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, unbalanced hormone levels will disrupt your brain's mood and circuits. This is what makes women who lack testosterone so often sad, depressed, and finally depressed.

5. Irregular menstruation

If a woman's body produces too much testosterone, the effect that might occur is irregular menstruation. In some cases, you may not menstruate at all. This condition is also called amenorrhea.

Women Also Have Testosterone Hormones, Loh! What does it do?
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