Tips for Saving Insulin


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Insulin that is being used can be stored at room temperature which makes it more comfortable when injected.

The best place to store insulin that hasn't been used at all is in the refrigerator. Do not place it in the freezer or too close to the freezer compartment.

Some types of insulin have slightly different storage needs, so try to always read the patient leaflet information that you have.

Tips for storing insulin at home

  • Keep insulin from heat and light. Insulin that is not stored in the refrigerator must be stored as cold as possible.
  • Don't let your insulin freeze. If insulin freezes, don't use it, even after it's thawed.
  • Save the bottle or cartridge unused, and insulin pen in the fridge. If stored correctly, these items will remain in good condition until the expiration date stated on insulin is no longer valid.
  • Don't save cartridge and the insulin pen that you are currently using at room temperature.
  • Keep a spare bottle or cartridge the insulin in the box is in the fridge, so you always remember the details of the expiration date.
  • Check the expiration date and don't use it when it's over.
  • Don't let insulin get too hot — don't put insulin near the radiator, in direct sunlight, or on electrical equipment like a TV or computer, don't put it in the car on a hot day or near the stove.

Tips for storing insulin when you travel

Follow the following guidelines when you are traveling.

  • Protect insulin from getting too hot or too cold. Do not leave insulin in a parked car when the temperature is extreme.
  • When traveling by bus, train or plane, keep your insulin well, as well as other medicines, and carry diabetes equipment in your backpack - preferably in a tightly closed bag, such as a lunch bag.
  • In order to get through airport security, store insulin in its original packaging by prescribing a label. Bring a note from a doctor or pharmacist stating that you are carrying medicines and equipment for the treatment of diabetes.
Tips for Saving Insulin
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