4 Secrets of Brightening Your Face with Kitchen Salt


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Maybe all this time, the salt you use is only limited to adding flavor to the dishes. But did you know that sea salt can also be used as body care? Yes, no exception as a natural treatment for your face. Interested in knowing what are the benefits of salt for the face? Here's the review.

Various benefits of salt for a healthy and clean natural face

Have tried this face-care product, but haven't yet got optimal results? This time, there is no harm in trying natural ways to beautify facial skin - for example with sea salt. The mineral content of magnesium, potassium, sodium, and high calcium makes salt believed to be effective for maintaining the health of your facial skin.

Some of the following tips can you check to try facial treatment with salt at home.

1. Face masks

kefir mask

When the stock of masks at home is running low, there is no need to rush to buy new ones. You can use a supply of salt in the kitchen as a natural face mask. To maximize the results, try mixing sea salt with other natural ingredients, such as honey.

Because, both salt and honey, has good anti-inflammatory properties to relieve stubborn irritation and zits. Not only that, oil production on facial skin also becomes more balanced while being able to moisturize the dry face area.

You can mix two teaspoons of finely ground sea salt, with four teaspoons of real honey until the two textures are shaped like pasta.

Next, apply it to the face evenly but avoid the eye area. Leave the mask to dry for about 10-15 minutes. After that, you can continue facial treatment as usual.

2. Face toner

the benefits of hyaluronic acid are

Ideally, after cleaning your face with your favorite face soap, use toner so that your face is completely clean and free of dirt.

Well, one of the benefits of salt for the face is as a natural toner that can help clean up the remains of dust or even makeup that sticks to the face.

This is not without reason, because salt is believed to be able to cleanse skin pores and balance oil production on the face. For those of you who have a problem with acne, the use of facial toner from salt can also help to kill bacteria that cause acne.

How to use it is fairly easy. You only have to mix one teaspoon of salt with four tablespoons of warm or cooked water, then put it in a small spray bottle. Make sure the salt and water are completely dissolved. Use twice a day and avoid touching the eye area.

3. Facial scrub

steroid cream for facial care

Scrubbing aims to remove dead skin cells lodged in the face. Usually, the scrubbing process is known as exfoliation. If you regularly exfoliate with a scrub, the dirt and dead skin cells will shed. Finally, your face will look cleaner, shine and healthier.

Apparently, you can also use salt as a natural ingredient for facial scrubs. This is because salt has a texture like small grains that can help exfoliate and soften facial skin. If you want optimal results, you can add aloe vera, almond oil, or other natural ingredients according to taste.

The trick, mix half a cup of salt with a quarter cup of aloe vera and four teaspoons of almond oil. Stir all ingredients into a thick paste, making sure the scrub mixture is not too dry. Then apply to the face like when using a regular scrub, gently massage with a circular motion and avoid rubbing your face too hard.

If you have oily skin, you should first know 10 things about washing oily faces here.

4. Wash your face soap

frequent facial cleansing makes acne

Uniquely, the benefits of salt for other faces can be used as facial washing soap.

Various beauty products have also begun competing to issue facial washing soaps made from sea salt. The reason, because salt contains various important nutrients as a key to maintaining health and beauty of facial skin.

In addition, the natural ability of sea salt that can prevent the occurrence of acne and control the level of excess oil on the face, is also another reason for choosing salt as a natural ingredient of facial soap.

4 Secrets of Brightening Your Face with Kitchen Salt
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