What should I know about caring for an 18-month-old child?


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Health & Safety

What should I discuss with the doctor on the 18th month?

You might be in control this month. Your doctor may ask the following:

  • How to eat your child? Is it good?
  • Is your child active? Does he spend enough time outdoors?
  • Does your child watch TV or use an iPad? How many hours a day?

This question will help the doctor to assess your child's behavior development. Every child grows and develops at different speeds. The doctor will determine whether your child reaches all stages of development. Discuss with your doctor about your concerns.

What should I know on the 18th month?

Your child may have received an important vaccine. Here are some vaccinations you need to know:

  • Diphtheria vaccine, tetanus, pertussis (DTaP): if your child has not received it, he will receive a fourth dose of a combination vaccine that protects diphtheria (a disease that can cause thick layers to cover the back of the throat and interfere with breathing); tetanus (a disease caused by exposure to bacteria on soil, mud, or dust); and pertussis, a bacterial disease characterized by a rough cough.
  • Varicella vaccine (also known as chicken pox) vaccine: if he has not received this vaccine at the last visit, now your child will get the first dose to protect it from potentially serious childhood disease.
  • Inactive polio vaccine (IPV): if he hasn't got it, your child will receive a third dose of 4 doses of IPV, which protects from polio, a viral disease that can cause paralysis.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (HepB): if he hasn't got it, your child will get the last dose of 3 doses of this vaccine, which protects from hepatitis B, liver disease.
  • Influenza (also called flu): Your child must receive this vaccine every year, and if this visit coincides with the flu season (usually starting around October or November), he will be vaccinated now.

My attention

What should I pay attention to in the 18th month?

Sunburn is the most common cause of skin cancer and all damage caused by sun exposure and skin aging. So protect your child's skin when outside the home, whatever the weather. Use a sunscreen, a light covered garment, use black hats and glasses, and stay in the shade as much as possible.
How will your child grow next month?

What should I know about caring for an 18-month-old child?
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