Is There Really a 'Fertilizer Fertilizer' Milk That Helps Get Pregnant Fast?


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If you and your partner are undergoing a pregnancy program, you may be easily tempted by products that promise fertility that is being marketed. One of them is milk quickly get pregnant. Because, many say there is special milk that can be a solution for couples who want to have children soon. Is it true that women need to drink milk quickly to get pregnant to increase fertility? Or the products offered today are only advertisements? Find out the answer below here.

Do women need to drink milk to get pregnant quickly?

Actually, there is no instant and effective solution that can make a woman get pregnant quickly. Pregnancy can occur through a complicated process and is influenced by various factors. Therefore, you are mistaken if you believe that drinking milk quickly can only quickly realize your dreams and your partner to pet a baby.

Look, milk does have a lot of nutrients in it. Just say itprotein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and folate. These substances are needed for productive age women to prepare their bodies to welcome pregnancy.

In the body, milk quickly gets pregnant can indeed help the body prepare for pregnancy. However, with a note that the cause of your pregnancy is not lacking in various nutrients contained in milk quickly get pregnant. In this case, milk will act as a supplement for women.

However, helping the body to be ready for pregnancy does not mean making you pregnant faster or more fertile. This is what you need to distinguish. Milk that is marketed today is only able to maintain the health of the body and content of women when fertilization occurs. So, its function is not to speed up conception.

Then, what kind of milk should be consumed to prepare fertility?

To prepare for pregnancy and improve fertility, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommend to choose dairy products that are rich in fat instead of low-fat dairy products. Based on research in the journal Human Reproduction,intake of low-fat dairy and milk foods can increase the risk of infertility, while high-fat dairy foods can reduce it.

Women who consumed one or more servings of high-fat milk a day turned out to be 27% more fertile than women who did not consume high-fat milk. Fat in the body is needed to stimulate and maintain the function of the reproductive system, especially the ovary.

Fat in milk can reduce appetite and slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. While fat-free dairy products have the potential to disrupt the balance of hormones in women who want pregnancy. Low-fat milk reduces levels of estrogen and progesterone which are bound to fat, causing hormonal imbalances to reach conception.

However, it needs to be remembered for being wise in choosing. If you drink as much as one to two glasses of milk per day, that doesn't mean you can choose other high-fat meals at any time. Choose milk, but don't increase your daily calorie intake which ultimately disrupts the fat balance in the body.

Because, excess fat can also make a person infertile. Especially if you have reached excess weight to obesity. That is why it is important for you to consult with your obstetrician and nutritionist before drinking milk quickly to get pregnant or any supplement to increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is influenced by various factors

As explained above, milk quickly gets pregnant is not an instant answer for couples who want to get pregnant soon. Milk might help, but don't be the only solution.

Then what should be done to get pregnant faster than drinking milk? Simply put, take care of the health and lifestyle of a married couple. This is because in addition to nutritional intake, pregnancy is influenced by general body health. Including your body weight and partner, genetic conditions, smoking habits, diet, history of illness, and others.

So if you regularly drink milk to get pregnant quickly, but the results are not visible too, immediately consult yourself and your partner to the obstetrician. Especially if the husband and wife have been working on a pregnancy for one year and have not produced results. The doctor will help you detect problems and find the best solution.

Is There Really a 'Fertilizer Fertilizer' Milk That Helps Get Pregnant Fast?
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