After Pain Body Sports, Does It Mean Your Exercise Is Effective?


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After yesterday you exercise, the next day you may wake up with aches and pains all over your body. Even to move the hand just hurts. Well, the body of pain after exercise can indeed be one of the effects of the exercise program that you live. However, is this a natural thing and does the body feel more painful, meaning that the effect of the sport is more effective on your body? Come on, find out the answer in the following explanation.

Why is the body sick after exercise?

Basically, when you make a new movement or a movement that is rarely done by a muscle, the muscle cells in the part you use will be damaged. This is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Sense), and this is normal.Everyone can feel this condition, even professional athletes can feel this.

Damage to muscle tissue is what causes pain. Pain after this exercise is a sign that the muscles begin to adapt to the pressure you give.

Doms usually starts 6-8 hours after you have done the new activity or after changing certain activities. This pain can last for the next 24-48 hours. This is why you usually just feel the body ache the next day or hours after you exercise.

When exercising, you press your muscle fibers until they break and the muscles will adapt to repair those fibers to become bigger and stronger than before.So when you do the same activity again, your muscles are strong and adaptable. The pain does not appear again or slightly diminish.

For example, you are the first push-up exercise for 10 times. Because you are not used to it, you finally feel your arms and stomach hurt when you wake up the next day. Then the next day when you want to practice 10 more push-ups, your muscles have adapted to the movement so that the muscles don't experience pain anymore.

When do people feel this muscle aches and aches?

  • When starting sports for the first time. Or it hasn't been a long time for exercise and lately you've just tried it again.
  • Add new activities to your training program.
  • Increase the amount of exercise intensity. Examples are increasing running speed, increasing the weight you lift, or adding the number of repetitions in your exercise movements.
  • Doing old activities repeatedly without adequate rest.

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So if more and more parts of the body get sick after exercise is a good sign?

Not always. The more painful parts of the body can indeed be a sign that the more new muscle you are involved in to adapt to the new exercise movement.

However, the body aches after exercise can also indicate other things. Not only because of muscle adaptation, but it can also be due to excessive exercise. Excessive exercise can make your body achy and painful.

Besides, ifthe exercise you do is wrong until you have a muscle injury at some point in the body, you can also experience pain in various parts of the body.

What is the sign that the body is sick after exercise is no longer normal?

Know the difference between muscle pain that is caused by the adaptation process of an exercise, and where muscle pain is caused by excessive muscle use or injury. This is about the sign of a sick body after a sport that needs to be watched out for.

  • If the pain keeps you from being able to do all your light daily activities or work activities. This can indicate your exercise is excessive.
  • If the pain you feel is not gone after more than 72 hours. It could be that this is not normal muscle pain.
  • The limbs are swollen.
  • Reduced range or joint movement due to swelling.
  • Urine is dark or less frequent.

You need to consult your doctor to find out the next appropriate action.

Is there a special way that the pain that comes after exercising is not too annoying?

Start your training slowly and gradually. For example, if you have not been able to push-up 20 times, do not do it at once 20 times.

Today you may do 5 to the next few days. Then increase it to 10 times. Then increase it again until you reach 20 times. Allow time for the muscles to adapt little by little with new movements to minimize pain.

Reported on the NHS Choice website, you can still practice even though your body is still sick or experiencing this DOMS. Maybe you feel a little uncomfortable, but later the pain will disappear once your muscles move a lot more

If the pain is making it difficult for you to exercise, you can take a break until the pain disappears. Alternatively, you can focus on other exercises, which involve other muscles. For example, you feel unable to do push-ups because your hands are still sore. You can jog or do other movements that are not centered on the shoulder muscles.

After Pain Body Sports, Does It Mean Your Exercise Is Effective?
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