5 Habits of Wearing Panties that Are Wrong and Disruptive to Health


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Everyone must wear underwear in their daily lives. What is used from day to day can be different, both from the type, model, color, size, to the material. Well, sure how to use your underwear is correct? Some of these habits are in fact often carried out unconsciously, which can actually interfere with your health.

1. Use hot panties

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The best panties are porous and absorb sweat, like cotton. Material synthetic and hot underwear will actually trap sweat on the surface of the skin intimate area. Over time, the skin that continues to be left moist will be the place for the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause infection.

2. Wear underwear too tight

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Wearing panties that are too tight will also trap sweat on the skin surface of your sex organs and keep them constantly moist.

In addition, the direct friction between the fabric and the skin that occurs continuously will make the groin easily scratched, sore, and irritated.

Especially in menopausal women who also experience thinning of the vaginal skin. The effect will feel more painful.

3. Ladies, don't use shapewear often

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Not a few women who have wearing underwear types shapewear to give a flat stomach look. Shapewear is a type of corset-like underwear that is worn to cover the waist.

These panties can inhibit blood circulation in your lower body area. The tight material will also be very pressing on the pelvis and vaginal area. Especially if the outer pants you are wearing are just as tight. It is not impossible that these pants can cause numbness or tingling around the hips down.

How to use shapewear the difficult one also makes you finally lazy to go back and forth to the bathroom so you tend to hold your pee.

4. Wear the same underwear more than a day

Choosing the Type of Panties for Healthy Men
Choosing the Type of Panties for Healthy Men

Even though it looks clean, not regularly changing underwear every day can cause you to experience a skin infection.

A warm and humid environment is the most perfect place for fungal growth. Therefore, you must replace your underwear regularly at least twice a day so that the intimate organs are always completely dry.

Especially for people who have a lot of sweat. The abdominal area and groin can be easier to get wet and moist. If you don't use new clean panties, the fungus might grow faster.

5. Wear big pants

tight panties cause cellulite

If your panties often sag many times even though they have only moved a little, then the size of your underwear is too big. Choose the right size of underwear but not too tight.

The size of underwear will usually be different from the size of your outer pants. So, you cannot match the size of your pants with your underwear. Not necessarily M size outer pants and panties are also M size.

5 Habits of Wearing Panties that Are Wrong and Disruptive to Health
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