Can Color Blindness Be Cured Total?



Someone who is color blind does not necessarily only see the world as limited as black and white. Some people may not be able to distinguish shades of purple and blue, or see yellow looks like green, while others have difficulty distinguishing between red and black. So, can people who are color blind be fully cured?

How do people who are color blind see the colors of an object?

Every time the eye sees an object, such as a banana, the light from the surrounding environment will be reflected on the surface of the banana and then captured by the retina at the back of the eye. The wavelength of light reflected by the object determines what color you see, the yellow banana.

Well, the retinal layer has two types of cells to capture light, namely stem cells and cone cells. Stem cells are very sensitive to light which is very useful for adapting in dim rooms, while cone cells have a better view accuracy and have photopigments that are useful for distinguishing colors.

Cone cells have 3 types of photopigments that are useful for distinguishing 3 basic colors, namely red, blue, and green. Color besides the three basic colors is a combination of the three basic colors, such as yellow which is a combination of red and green.

So, what happens to the eyes of people who are color blind? Color blindness occurs due to limitations or loss of function of the cone cell. If the red (protan) or green fotopigmen (deutran) don't work, you will have difficulty distinguishing between red and green shades. Red, orange, and yellow look greener or even brown or black. Can also see green and yellow appear redder, or difficult to distinguish purple and blue.

In some people, all photopigments in their cone cells cannot function at all so that they cannot see any color. The world really looks like black, white, and gray,

color blind

Can color blindness be cured, so that you can look back at the colors of the world?

Color blindness is generally caused by genetic abnormalities inherited from parents. Reporting from Everyday Health, so far there are no medical treatments or procedures that make color blindness completely cured. A group of researchers recently designed a gene therapy that has been shown to cure color blindness in monkeys that cannot distinguish green and red. But until now, gene therapy has not been formalized and has not been declared safe to treat color blindness in humans.

Color blindness is not dangerous. Most people who are color blind can adapt to their conditions and show work productivity that is equivalent to those who have normal vision, or even better.

The team of researchers from the US Army found that color blind people can see camouflage colors better, when people with normal color vision can be deceived by it. In fact, this decrease in color vision can make them better able to distinguish the texture and brightness of an object.

Moreover, there are viewing aids such as glasses or special contact lenses to help red-green color blind patients, the most common type of color blindness. This tool does not make color blindness fully recovered, but the color that was previously unclear can look more "lit."

Can Color Blindness Be Cured Total?
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