Why do nails not hurt when cut? Check out the 7 Important Facts About Nails


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What do you know about nails besides that nails are part of the human body that grows on the fingertips? Do you know about nail function? Or, do you know why the nail cut doesn't hurt?

Not surprisingly, many people, or maybe you do not know, because the size of small nails often makes people think that the nails are a complement to fingers and toes. Even though nails have a small size, it doesn't mean that the nails don't have an important function for you. Here are some facts about nails that you need to know.

1. What nails are made of?

Unique nail shapes with a slick texture often make people wonder about the "basic ingredients" of nails. Nails are composed of layers of protein called keratin. Keratin grows from a layer of cells that is below the cuticle, which is seen as a thin white layer at the base of the nail.

2. Why doesn't nail cut hurt?

You will never feel pain when the nails are cut because the nails are made of hardened dead cells, so that no nerve tissue is formed inside.

3. What is the function of nails?

The epidermis at the base of your nail serves to protect from dirt. The main function of nails is to protect the fingertips that are soft and full of nerves to keep them safe from injury, and increase touch power.

4. Biting your nails will increase your risk of being infected with bacteria

Nail-biting habits can damage your nails, making your nails look weird. In fact, this can allow bacteria or fungi to enter your body and cause infection.

To reduce or stop the habit, you need to cut your nails short so that you have no reason to bite them.

5. Don't use nail polish too often

Overuse of nail polish or nail polish can make your nails dry, thus increasing the risk of bacterial or fungal growth growing underneath. If you like to change nail polish, make sure there is a minimum of one week for your nails to breathe freely between the changes in the color of nail polish.

6. Is there a skin that is torn on the side of the nail? Do not pull!

Skin that is torn at the edge of the nail often makes you "itchy" to pull and tear it. But, don't do this! Because, if it's wrong, you will get an infection.

If you find a torn skin on the edge of the nail, do not pull back because it can tear the top layer of the skin, causing bleeding and infection. You can use clean scissors or nail clippers to gently pull it out.

7. Why do nails look longer in people who have died?

After you die, dehydration will shrink the skin and other soft tissues and your body will stop producing growth hormones so that your nails will not grow again. Your nails or hair may look longer after you die, but not because your nails and hair continue to grow, but because the skin around it constricts so that the nails and hair appear elongated.

Why do nails not hurt when cut? Check out the 7 Important Facts About Nails
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