Not All Diabetics Need Insulin Injection (Then, Anyone?)


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Everyone who has diabetes (diabetics) needs to control their blood sugar to remain stable. Either through a healthier diet or with the help of medical drugs and insulin injections.But wait a minute. Not all diabetics have to get insulin injections. So, who needs an injection of insulin?

What is the function of injecting insulin for diabetics?

Diabetes, be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes, occurs when the body has difficulty using insulin or is unable to produce enough insulin.

Insulin plays an important role in helping to balance glucose (blood sugar) levels from food intake. Furthermore, the body's cells will use glucose as an energy source.

If the production of insulin in the body is disrupted, then the body's cells that are supposed to be responsible for absorbing glucose in the bloodstream are unable to work properly. Automatically, your blood sugar levels will rise.

If this is the case, injecting insulin sometimes becomes one of the best ways to control blood sugar levels to stay stable. Insulin injections act as a "substitute" for natural insulin which should be present in the body, with the same function of converting sugar into energy.

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Who should get an insulin injection?

Insulin injections are one important step in controlling diabetes that cannot be cured.Given the importance of insulin function for the body, in fact not all people with diabetes need to get regular insulin injections.Only certain diabetic patients need to get insulin injections.

Quoted from the Very Well Health page, injecting insulin is a mandatory item especially for people with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occursbecause the pancreas cannot function optimally to produce insulin. That's why type 1 diabetes is very dependent on insulin injections to control blood sugar levels in their body.

Unlike type 2 diabetes, which occurs as a result of the body experiencing insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition when the body is no longer able to respond to insulin. In other words, the pancreas is actually still capable of producing insulin but the amount produced is not always sufficient for what it should be.

Some people with type 2 diabetes may need to inject insulin

Most people with type 2 diabetes can still control their blood sugar levels by adjusting their lifestyle and taking diabetes medication prescribed by a doctor.

However, these two things are sometimes still less effective for managing their diabetes. Some others may also have other conditions that affect diabetes care, which is more difficult to undergo.

If this happens, insulin injections may be needed by type 2 diabetes patients to better control blood sugar. Even so, however, insulin injections are not merely the main treatment.

Don't just depend on insulin injections

Your doctor will determine whether you really need insulin injections or not, according to your current health condition.

Plus, even though insulin injections can be relied on, but a healthy lifestyle change must also be undertaken by people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. Either by adjusting their daily diet, exercising regularly, and maintaining an ideal body weight.

Not All Diabetics Need Insulin Injection (Then, Anyone?)
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