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Medical Video: Preventing Childhood Obesity – Eating Better, Moving More

You must be happy and anxious to see your child have a fat body. But, being fat isn't the benchmark that your baby grows healthy. Because, obesity in children can cause obesity and ultimately increase the risk of children getting various chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, and also problems with the bones and joints.

To avoid this, as a parent, you must be a "keeper" so that the child's weight does not continue to grow. How to? Don't worry, see the following tips.

An important key to prevent obesity in children

Obese children can be caused by many factors. However, the most common causes are unhealthy eating patterns and lack of physical activity of children. The rest is caused by genetic factors or hormonal diseases. Well, to keep your child's weight healthy, especially you have to pay attention to how the child's diet.

Food is indeed a source of nutrition and energy for children, but to reduce or maintain weight does not mean you have to reduce nutrition. So, the important key to keeping a child's weight healthy isbalance calorie intake for children per day with physical activity.

Ways to monitor calorie intake needed by children

Balancing calorie intake means providing food with adequate nutrition and the appropriate amount of calories. But, you need to understand that the calories needed for each child vary depending on the sex, age, and level of activity of the child.

In order to more easily calculate the calorie needs of a child, please check the Hello Sehat calorie calculator or through the following link: While to monitor a child's calorie intake so that obesity in children can be avoided, you can follow the steps below.

1. Carefully choose food for children

drink milk after eating fish

There are many foods that can make you gain weight, especially if the intake is not restricted. For example, in foods containing sugar, fat, and also protein.

Fatty and protein foods can be obtained from various types of meat. You can choose beef or chicken whose fat has been set aside. Various nuts also provide fatty acids and proteins that are important for the body. Serve more food menus with a combination of vegetables, fruit, and wheat products to meet the fiber, vitamin and mineral needs fulfilled.

In addition to healthy food choices, you should also pay attention to how to process food. Reduce cooking food by frying. Don't forget, to use the best oil for cooking, olive oil for example.

2. Choose healthy, low-sugar drinks

children drink cow's milk

Besides food, some drinks can also increase a child's calorie intake, such as milk or juice. Both drinks sometimes contain lots of sugar. Well, so that children still get the benefits of either milk or juice, choose low-sugar milk and not add a lot of sugar to the juice.

Just like milk in general, low-sugar milk still provides protein, calcium, vitamin D and other important minerals needed by the body. The benefits protect the health of bones and teeth and prevent excess fat deposits in the body.

2. Limit snacks containing sugar

cause of impotence

Children love sweet foods which certainly contain lots of sugar, like candy, chocolate, or cake. Well, to reduce this food, you should provide homemade healthy snacks. Don't provide food like this in the refrigerator, because children can reach it easily.

5. Applying healthy eating habits

children's protein needs

In order for the child's calorie intake to not be excessive, rearrange the meal schedule and snacking child. At mealtime, don't let the television turn on. The child's focus will be diverted and make him not pay attention to the amount of food he should eat so that the portion of his meal can be excessive.

Then, don't force the child to use up the food. This action can make children overeat and calorie intake can certainly exceed the limit.

Tips to Prevent Overweight in Children Without Reducing Nutrition This is a sponsor article. For complete information about our Advertiser and Sponsor Policies, please read here.
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