When can boys start raising muscle?


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Having large muscles may be the desire of every man. Many boys think that having large muscles is good and makes the appearance more attractive. Not infrequently, some boys do sports that can form muscles, especially the arm muscles. However, careful childhood is still a period of growth. Do not let exercise to increase muscle tone disrupt the growth of children.

What age can a child raise muscle?

Remember, children are still in their infancy, where their bones and muscles are still experiencing many processes to grow and develop. Precisely at puberty, the growth of the child's bones and the increase in the muscle mass of the child reaches its peak. The child's bones increase in length so that the child's height increases and the child's muscles increase so that the child's posture is also getting bigger.

At this time, exercise is important to support the growth and development of the bones and muscles of the child. The more activity that is done, the more often the muscles and bones are used, so the stronger the muscles and bones of the child. This is certainly good. However, what needs to be underlined is not to do too much. Sports performed must also be adapted to the child's body abilities. Put too much pressure (stress) in the body can trigger different body reactions at different ages.

Because children or adolescents have not yet achieved perfect bone and muscle growth, it is recommended that children wait until their bone and muscle growth is complete, then they can exercise to increase muscle tone. About the age of around 20 years boys can do this because at this age most boys have completed their growth period. This is a good time for you.

At the age of around 20 years, boys can start building muscle mass by lifting heavier weights. Use this age of 20 to shape your muscles because muscle mass will gradually decrease naturally due to aging.

How is it safe to grow muscle?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children or adolescents who want to grow their muscles less than that age so:

  • Start raising muscles with lighter exercise weights so that the muscles develop with the right shape
  • Regular cardio exercise
  • Avoiding heavy lifting exercises until the child's growth is completely finished

What exercise is good for children?

Not that children are not allowed to exercise, exercise is actually very good for children. Exercise is carried out to support the growth and development of the child's muscles and bones. Children or adolescents are advised to do sports that are against gravity (weight-bearing exercise) This exercise puts a strain on the bones and muscles, helping the muscles and bones to be stronger.

Examples of this sport, namely:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Soccer
  • Futsal
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Jump rope
  • Gymnastics
  • Aerobics

Swimming and cycling are not sports that burden the bones, but they can also be done to help develop strong muscles and strong bones.

Remember, besides doing the exercise, children still need to fulfill their nutritional needs from various nutritious foods. This nutrition is also needed to support children's growth and development. Don't let your child become thin because of too much exercise or because of his favorite sports demands. Lack of nutrition and too much exercise can actually make bones become brittle, easy to get injured, and prolonged muscle pain.

When can boys start raising muscle?
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