5 Simple Steps to Begin Learning to Love Yourself, the Key to Essential Happiness



Sometimes it's easier to be able to love someone else than to love yourself. Many things can make you feel unhappy with your current condition. For example a bulging stomach, doubled chin, to other things that make your life target failed to achieve.

In fact, having a good relationship with yourself is as important as establishing friendships with others. Maybe even more important. So, let's start learning to love yourself before loving someone else!

Why do we have to love ourselves?

Loving yourself here is not in the sense of developing a deviant narcissistic personality. Loving yourself for who you are means you can receive all the advantages without feeling arrogant, but on the other hand also have the heart to embrace all the shortcomings of yourself - without being covered up. Simply put, loving yourself must be wholehearted and unconditional.

Loving yourself sincerely frees you from social burdens. By loving yourself, you learn to understand yourself and continue to be grateful for what you already have. You are not required to focus on other people's problems. You also won't be preoccupied with comparing yourself to the lives of others, so you will have more time to take care of yourself for the better.

In the end when you feel comfortable with yourself, the people around you also feel the same way. They will be comfortable near you, because you emit positive energy from within.

According to Stephanie Kang, a psychologist from PsychCentral, connecting with yourself is the most important thing on this earth. Simply put, having a good relationship with yourself will help you to establish a harmonious relationship with others, as well as being the first step to success in life.

Five simple steps to start learning to love yourself

There is no need to be grandiose to learn to love yourself for who you are. But to begin with, you must first know who you really are in depth - what attitudes, characteristics, needs, desires, to what you like and dislike.

Are you ready to start loving yourself? Come on, follow these five easy steps.

1. Meet your own needs properly

According toJulie Hanks, LCSW, therapist from PsychCentral, the first step for you to start making friends with yourself is to pay attention to your physical, spiritual, psychological, and mental needs. For example, by knowing you have to get enough sleep 7-8 hours every night, eat three times a day, exercise, to take the time to relieve stress and worship, for example.

But don't just pay attention. All of these needs must be met in healthy ways. For example, by ensuring your food menu is healthy, start committing to small-scale exercise, to schedule bedtime and not get used to staying up late.

Hanks also advises you to prioritize activities that make you happy and happy. No need to be grandiose. Fun and happiness can be obtained from small things. For example, going for a walk in the park, eating foods that you like occasionally, soaking in warm water while lighting aromatherapy candles, or watching your favorite movie series in your spare time. Even though it seems trivial, these things can bring happiness and satisfaction to yourself indirectly.

2. Chat with yourself

Talk alone is a simple way to learn to love yourself. By chatting in your heart or talking to yourself in the bedroom, bathroom, or in front of the mirror you will begin to make friends with yourself.

When chatting alone, you will put yourself as someone else who talks with you. The contents of this chat will make you more able to assess yourself objectively, so that it becomes a helpful input. Talking to yourself can ultimately help you be more focused and motivated to be even better.

According to Hanks, for example, there's nothing wrong with wondering why you feel uncomfortable when someone keeps on calling you constantly. "Why do I feel uncomfortable? What makes me uncomfortable when contacted constantly? "Now, talking to yourself can help you find the answer, so you can decide what to do to make you feel comfortable.

One more benefit of chatting with self reflection is to channel hidden emotions. When you are upset or angry, for example when you are stuck in a traffic jam, then you talk or scream yourself. You don't realize, you will calm down for a long time.

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3. Practice accepting yourself

Establishing good relations with yourself can be started by accepting yourself as you are, including the weaknesses and strengths that you have. Confidence will arise when you have a good view of your personality.

Remind yourself that true beauty is not seen from the outside. When you feel comfortable about yourself and who you really are, you will carry yourself with confidence and make you think that beauty is not related to a body like a supermodel, but is related to the heart and mind.

If you can't do it yourself, Stephanie Kang advises you to try to confide in and share with friends, family or even a psychologist who can help with your problem of mistrust.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

One way to establish good and healthy relationships with yourself is to surround yourself with people who love you. Gathering with positive people, loving and loving characters, can be your own advantage. You can be carried away by positive atmosphere and habits towards yourself. This can make yourself better.

5. Reduce consuming negative news

Deep curiosity sometimes leads you to negative sources, one of which is popular today can be obtained through the media. According to Kang, taking news of hate, crime or violence can burden you, feel afraid and ultimately make yourself unhealthy in his thoughts.

Therefore, try to limit reading negative news that can make yourself think negatively continuously. Create a schedule to open twitter, facebook, your Instagram as little as possible, multiply interact with positive people. Then, find out how valuable you are in this world.

5 Simple Steps to Begin Learning to Love Yourself, the Key to Essential Happiness
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