Is It Really the Most Vulnerable Husband When A Pregnant Wife?


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When some men think pregnant women are sexy, many also say husbands are most vulnerable to cheating when a wife is pregnant. Is this just a myth rooted in tasteinsecure in your heart or is there a medical explanation?

Is it true that a husband is vulnerable to cheating when a wife is pregnant?

Scott Haltzman, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University Medical School, stressed that pregnancy is not true and makes husbands more interested in looking at other women. There is no medical research or theory that can prove that men are most vulnerable to cheating when their wives get pregnant.

Even so, all kinds of physical, psychological, and behavioral changes experienced by women during pregnancy are also felt by the husband. These changes can make him feel "second-hand".

The simplest example is the wife's time and attention, which is mostly devoted to keeping her womb. This is natural because it has become the instinct of a prospective mother to protect her health as much as possible while she is pregnant for the health of her prospective child now and in the future.

On the other hand, shifting the focus of the wife's attention can trigger jealousy in the husband because he feels ignored. There are also many men who feel afraid that when their babies are born, their wives really don't love them anymore. For example, you want to invite your wife to date to a favorite place together, but she chooses to rest at home for fear of exhaustion. You may also spend more time eating alone, or even eat outside the house, because your wife cooks less often during pregnancy.

In addition to emotional needs, men may also feel that their sexual needs are neglected. Many husbands claim that they have less sex during their wives' pregnancy because their wives are declining. The wife may also think that she shouldn't have sex during pregnancy because it can hurt the baby. In addition, feeling insecure because they feel fat and unattractive may haunt some wives for sexual intercourse.

However, HAltzman once again emphasizes that all kinds of changes that occur in the lives of women and men during pregnancy are inappropriate and cannot be used as justification for cheating.

Husbands and wives must understand each other equally

To avoid conflict and jealousy, both husband and wife must understand each other and care about their respective conditions.

You need to change the way you think and look at things. All kinds of physical, behavioral, and emotional changes experienced by the wife during pregnancy are natural and only temporary. You can show concern for your wife by being more involved in the affairs of her pregnancy. For example by taking a massage, shopping for baby clothes, discussing choosing a baby name, accompanying the wife of a pregnancy spa, or even leavingbabymoon.  

Wives, yalso allow the couple that they are still your priority even though they are pregnant. Encourage and support your husband to become a ALSO husband and be a great father. At the same time, ask for understanding from all that the changes you are experiencing right now might make you uncomfortable with your own body. If you don't want to have sex, both of you can still make out by hugging, kissing, or kelonan.

Indirectly, jealousy is related to the commitment that you made both since the first time you had a relationship. If you are absolutely sure that he loves you wholeheartedly (and so do you), what else should be at issue?

Is It Really the Most Vulnerable Husband When A Pregnant Wife?
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