Why can't rape victims fight? These are All Must-Know Reasons


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"If you don't want to, why not just fight?" These sharp words are often sent by the general public to a victim and survivor of a rape case. Comments like this can arise because basically many people do not understand what is happening in the mind and body of a victim when rape takes place.

Before listening to this article further, it should be noted that the following writing can trigger trauma for victims of sexual violence.

To understand why many rape victims are unable to fight back the perpetrators and stop their attacks, read the full explanation below.

Most rape victims cannot move against the perpetrators

The phenomenon of transient paralysis that attacks rape victims has been recorded for decades. However, indeed recent research into the reaction of victims of rape to extreme situations has received more attention.

In a study in the journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica (AOGS) in 2017, experts note that 70 percent of rape victims experience a sensation as if their entire body is paralyzed. As a result, they were unable to move, moreover to fight off the offenders.

Suddenly paralyzed is a normal physical reaction in a traumatic situation

The sensation of temporary paralysis that occurs in victims of rape is known as "tonic immobility". This physical reaction is very similar to the reaction of an animal prey attacked by predators. These prey animals will usually remain silent for a bit, so predators who will ambush think that the animal they are targeting is dead.

Apparently, humans can also experience a similar reaction. In humans, victims who are attacked are unable to scream for help, run away, let alone fight back because the whole body cannot be moved.

Remember, it does not mean that the victim allows the perpetrator to do evil! The victim was so helpless that he lost control of his own body.

Actually this reaction is quite common in a variety of stressful situations. For example, when someone is suddenly mugged with a firearm by a criminal. Of course it is very difficult to immediately move and fight back the robber, right? Most people will actually stand still because they are shocked and scared. The same is true of a rape victim.

When attacked, in his mind the victim will also try to empty his mind. This is done automatically so that later the victim will not remember the traumatic event again.

The danger of judging a victim who cannot move

According to Dr. Anna Möller, a researcher from the Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm South General Hospital in Sweden, judged and blamed the victim for not being against the perpetrator very dangerous.

The reason, a number of studies prove that rape victims who at the time of experiencing paralysis are more prone to experience PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and depression. This is because in his heart, the victims blamed themselves for being helpless against the attacks of the perpetrators.

The pressure from the victim himself is so great that it disturbs his psyche and causes serious psychological trauma. Especially if you add comments from the wider community.

This will further hamper the recovery of victims, both physically and spiritually. Therefore, you should never blame someone for not being able to fight the perpetrators of sexual crimes.

Why can't rape victims fight? These are All Must-Know Reasons
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