4 locations for sex in addition to the bed you need to try


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Do you and your partner have a favorite sex place? Or have you both just been having sex in bed all this time? If sex starts to feel boring, maybe you and he just need a different atmosphere. With a little adrenaline, you can heat the atmosphere tonight to find the location of sex other than on the bed. Check out the reviews.

Which location is the sex that you and your partner want to try?

If the age of your marriage has lasted a long time, you and your partner must be smart to look for variations so that the relationship remains intimate and romantic. It's not only a matter of the variety of sex styles or positions that have to be explored more, but also includes different sex locations. The following is a list of locations for sex in addition to the bed that you should try.

1. Car

For the location of sex this one is already quite popular. You need to gather the courage to have sex in the car. However, surely not all of you dare to try it. When doing so, adrenaline will certainly be more stimulated, as well as your libido. Your Libido increases because it is being pursued with concern that people will know this action, it will provide a sensation

more. Bring a blanket for both of you if you intend to do it other than the garage at home. Don't forget to open a little car window. Make sure you park the car in a safe place.

2. Kitchen

The condition in the kitchen is not as comfortable as in the room or in the car because there is a comfortable area for sleeping. However, this is precisely the sensation. That way, the position chosen will be much different and will give its own sensation. Not to mention in the kitchen area there are many ingredients that can be used to increase adrenaline. Honey, jam, or ice, for example. These ingredients can be used to experiment with your partner.

3. Steps

For those of you who live in a multi-storey or two-story house, you can use stairs for sex locations. the right sex style to explore in this area is doggy style. This style is considered suitable as possible because the area on this staircase is very limited. However, for the problem of sex positions, depending on the convenience of each partner. You can try and explore. Also make sure the condition of your house is safe.

4. Bathtub or swimming pool

Having sex in the water does give a sensation. In addition to the mediocre bathroom, what if the location of sex is diverted inside bathtub or swimming pool? With buoyancy in the water jutsru will make it easier for couples to enter the G-Spot area.

The location of unusual sex like this might help you to achieve multiple orgasms. However, don't forget to communicate with your partner what you want.

4 locations for sex in addition to the bed you need to try
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