Gisella Anastasia Sues Divorce Marten Divorce, Can We Really Avoid Divorce In Marriage?


Surprising news came from celebrity couples Gisella Anastasia and Gading Marten who had been married for five years. Gisella Anastasia reportedly filed for divorce against her husband, Gading Marten at the South Jakarta District Court on Monday (19/11).

Reporting from the Kumparan news agency, until now no one has known why Gisella filed for divorce. This news arrived like a lightning strike for many people. Because the marriage of Gisella and Ivory has seemed far from oblique news or controversy. So, the issue of divorce is quietly causing concern to us.

Yes, you might think that Gisella and Gading that seem harmonious just turned out to have a big problem that ended in divorce. So there really aren't, really, a powerful way to maintain a household and avoid divorce? Or divorce is truly a thing that is absolutely unavoidable, no matter how perfect and harmonious any husband and wife are?

Take it easy, there are actually many things that couples can do to avoid divorce. The key is to build a strong and intimate relationship. How to?

1. Respect and respect each other

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Every person must change a little or a lot throughout his life. Changes in mindset, lifestyle, or attitude of a couple you cannot control. However, you don't have to worry about changing your partner as long as you respect and respect him.

For example the couple was always romantic and often gave surprise gifts, but now it's never been. Do not immediately assume that it is because the couple does not love anymore. Remember, you still have to respect your partner. Maybe now he no longer shows his love through gifts for you, but by giving his time and energy to accompany you.

You can make a list of what your partner is charming and amazing. Always remember what made you fall in love at first.

That way, you both will not quickly feel disappointed in your partner. Because the sense of disappointment that continues to accumulate without being processed wisely can be a trigger for divorce.

2. Communication, the main key to avoiding divorce

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Most household problems are rooted in a lack of quality communication. For example, you don't tell your partner honestly that you want more attention, while your partner can't guess what your mind is. Because you feel you don't get it from your partner, you start playing with other people so that the household is on the edge.

In fact, if you had communicated from the beginning what your hopes were and filled your mind openly with your partner, you could have avoided divorce or infidelity. In addition, you also need to throw your mind away from divorce. Don't make divorce an option to solve your problem.

A household consultant and book writer from the United States, Wayne Parker advises each couple to spend at least 30 minutes each day chatting from heart to heart, no matter what.

3. Learn to forgive and apologize

maintain male fertility of cancer patients

Most marriages begin to collapse when there is one who holds a grudge or anger over his partner's mistakes. In fact, if you are committed to living with him as much as you live, you must be able to forgive your partner andmove on, do not store it in the liver or carry it up and down.

Not only that, you also have to learn to apologize if you make a mistake. Apologize sincerely and acknowledge your mistakes. Don't look for excuses or defend yourself.

4. Don't be shy about seeking help

the reason for going to marriage counseling

Marriage is hard work that must be fought for. Therefore, if you feel the marriage has been tarnished because of a problem, do not be afraid or ashamed to seek outside help. Friends and family may be the first person you rely on, but sometimes they already have their own opinions and goals that are different from the vision of your marriage and partner.

Therefore, it is better to find people who are experts in the field of marriage management, namely marriage consultants or family psychologists. Family psychologists have carried out special education so that they are able to assist you both in finding the root of the problem while practicing methods of communication and problem solving the most suitable for you and your partner.

Photo source: Channel 247

Gisella Anastasia Sues Divorce Marten Divorce, Can We Really Avoid Divorce In Marriage?
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