Sex in the eyes of men and women is not necessarily the same


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It seems that it is no longer an open secret that men and women have differences in many aspects. But does this belief also apply in the view of men and women to the meaning of sex? Most people believe that having sex for women is because of love, while men make love because satisfaction. Is this true?

Sex in the eyes of women

Indeed, sexual relations occur after a pair of men and women have had an intimate relationship. Women can feel intimacy and closeness through warm conversation and simple discussions. So, women tend to be more interested in getting intimacy in these ways than having sex.

It takes time to get this intimate closeness. Women generally just about to have sex when he feels that intimate closeness and trusts his partner.

Sex in the eyes of men

As for men, sexual contact is the gateway to having intimacy with his soul. So, a man will tend to need the warmth and protection of his partner after his partner enters the gate. Men tend to be softer, when they are given permission by their partners to access a variety of feelings, thoughts, and emotions possessed by their partners, with up and down movements when their hearts are united.

Unfortunately, men don't have enough examples to make them know how to treat women, how intimacy really is, and how to show men's needs for intimacy in the right way. So, sexual intercourse is the way they will do to get emotional intimacy that men and their partners need.

Why are there different perceptions about sex between men and women?

According to Larry Cahill, a neurobiologist and behavior expert, University of California School of Biology, when you try to compare the effect of sex on male and female brain functions, two different waves emerge that are actually still interrelated, so there are still more variables needed to determine whether or not the meaning of sex in women and men.

Generally, because of various factors, the meaning of sex will vary in men and women. While there is no definite answer that can be given.

Everyone has their own sexual side so that in looking for a partner, the person will not only look for someone who suits their emotional and mental needs, but also a partner who fits their physical needs. Thus, having physical attraction is often one of the main factors for both men and women, to have sexual relations with the opposite sex.

The meaning of sexual relations in men and women actually need to be known in order to help communication that is interwoven, but the high level of complexity causes the topic to be rarely studied.

Sex in the eyes of men and women is not necessarily the same
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