Beware, Acidic Foods Can Make Cavities!


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Some of you really like sour food. Apart from the taste of sour foods that are considered good, these acidic foods and drinks also refresh your mouth and throat. But, do you know, eating acidic foods excessively can trigger sensitive teeth (teeth become sore) or even cavities? Why can acidic foods cause cavities? This is the explanation.

Various causes of cavities

Cavities (caries) is a process of imbalance between mineral releases from inside the teeth with the return of minerals into the teeth. Several factors that influence the process include:

  • Plaque accumulation
  • Frequency of carbohydrate consumption
  • Frequency of acid exposure
  • The quality and quantity of saliva is not good and adequate
  • Less fluorine intake

How do acidic foods cause cavities?

The frequency of exposure to high acid in the oral cavity causes the minerals in the teeth to disappear faster, and begins the formation of cavities. Some examples of exposure to acids include consuming soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, pempek (and gravy) and lemon juice.

The brief explanation is, the pH of the oral cavity will drop dramatically to the lowest level and will last for a long time. A very acidic mouth condition allows the release of minerals from the teeth and clinically begins to form holes.

In a study conducted in 2009, it was concluded that patients who consumed soft drinks and fruit juices with a total volume of 1.5 L per day for 6 years resulted in cavities almost in all parts of the neck of their teeth. Another study in 2006 stated that carbonated drinks and fruit juice caused teeth to lose their mineral to 50 percent in the first minute.

Therefore, in the case of prevention of cavities that can be done is to reduce the frequency of acid consumption, especially the pempek broth and lemon juice. After consuming the acid, wait for about 40 minutes, then brush the teeth with a fluorine toothpaste. Increasing the consumption of mineral water to 2L per day can also keep the pH of the oral cavity normal.

If you already have cavities, you should consult and see the dentist directly, so that you will get the right non-invasive and invasive treatments.

Acidic foods can also make teeth sensitive

One of the causes of sensitive teeth that is most often experienced by many people is because they consume acidic foods. But unfortunately, not many people know about this.

Foods and beverages with high acid levels such as soda, fruits containing citrus, wine, vinegar and yogurt can cause erosion of tooth enamel. Sensitive teeth occur due to the opening of the dentine layer on the teeth. While acidic foods are very susceptible to trigger sensitive teeth, apart from hot and cold foods.

To prevent this, avoid brushing your teeth immediately after consuming sour foods. If you want to brush your teeth, wait until at least 30-60 minutes after eating. If you brush your teeth after eating acidic foods, you can further erode dentine email which will make the teeth become abrasion.

Beware, Acidic Foods Can Make Cavities!
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