Do Small Children Need to Accompany Personal Trainer at Sports?


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Indonesia is the country with the highest rates of obesity in the Asia-Pacific region, and is ranked 10th in the world. As one way to help parents ensure the health of children from a young age while suppressing the growth of obesity rates, a child-only gym is now emerging. Regular exercise can indeed help reduce and maintain weight, but does the child really need a personal trainer or personal trainer?

Personal trainers can accompany children to exercise

Using the services of a personal trainer can be the right choice for you to improve your child's abilities and sports skills.

Personal Trainer aka PT can design a sports plan that has been adapted to the conditions of the client and what they specifically want to achieve. The trainer can help find the right physical activity that your child likes - including the frequency, intensity, and type of exercise. They can also help children how to start sports and maximize their exercise time to keep their little ones from exercising outside their limits.

Programs that are "sewn" according to personal needs will usually give more tangible results than exercise alone, or that is careless. That's why the supervision assistance from PT can be more effective in accelerating the process of reducing obesity in children.

In addition, a good trainer can also arrange a sports schedule according to the child's daily traffic schedule so that the commitment to exercise is not necessarily neglected in the middle of the road. By doing something that children love, exercise is no longer considered a burden so they will be more happy and excited when doing sports.

Equally important, PT assisted services can also help children avoid injury while exercising. A good PT will teach your child how to exercise safely, effectively and pleasantly so that in addition to happy children, their safety is guaranteed.

Is it mandatory to use PT?

Not all children are suitable and must exercise accompanied by a personal trainer.

You can use the help of a personal trainer if you really don't know how to design a proper and safe exercise plan to lose your child's weight, or when a sports session that has been carried out by the child alone doesn't work.

Personal trainers as neutral outsiders can see what has been wrong or not done by the child, and then help correct or change the way exercise is more efficient to achieve more optimal results.

PT's facilitation may also be effective to make children want to actively move if you are out of mind to persuade him to exercise.

In addition, children who have injuries, certain health conditions, or special needs especially need more supervision from people who are experts during exercise.

Choose a trained and professional PT

The decision to use PT's assistance must be discussed first with the child. Not every child will be happy if they have to exercise supervised by strangers who do not know him. Persuading children to exercise regularly is difficult, but forcing children to do activities that they themselves don't like can backfire for you.

Therefore, you should invite your child to discuss first. Ask if he is willing and interested in sports accompanied by PT or not. If he refuses, then don't force him. While if he agrees, then your next task is to find a personal trainer who is truly professional in his field.

A good gym coach must have an official certificate and undergo extensive training to work with various types of clients. Many of them have been specially trained to assist young children and adolescents. Also make sure that your chosen PT can detect and handle all types of emergencies or sports injuries. No less important, make sure your child feels "connected" with the prospective coach.

Do Small Children Need to Accompany Personal Trainer at Sports?
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