7 Sports to Increase Height


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Having both high-bodied parents is a blessing, because genetics plays an important role in determining height. But, for those of you who don't have these genetic factors, don't worry, because environmental factors also play a good role with genetics. You can take advantage of various nutrients in food and also various sports to increase height.

What sports can help increase height in the growth period?

1. Basketball

Basketball games make you run and jump. When your body runs and jumps constantly, your growth plate will experience a series of shocks. This can cause a lot of blood flow into the plate which helps stimulate growth to reach maximum height.

When playing basketball, an athlete must jump all the time to slam dunk, throw the ball, and take the ball from the opponent. This constant jump makes your body "fly" vertically in the air by fighting gravity and causing stretching of the muscles, and when it hits the ground, the body will contract. This is what causes the muscles and bones to grow taller.

2. Swim

Swimming is another sport that helps a lot in getting a high body. Swimmers around the world have a slim and tall body (with an upper body that is longer than the lower part of the body). This is because swimming can help you strengthen your body's spine and help you achieve good posture. Therefore, swimming is one way that can make our body higher.

When you swim, all your muscles will move. In addition, you will float horizontally in the water. Moving in the water requires more effort than moving in the air, and moving horizontally you are fighting gravity. This means that your chest and upper body are constantly stretching and contracting which can increase upper body growth.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a sport that is loved by almost all people. Not only does it help increase your stamina, cycling also makes you taller. When you are cycling, your lower body is subject to heavy duty, so that it can increase blood flow to the knee and thigh muscles which stimulates growth.

Cycling will also make your lungs work hard to supply oxygen-rich blood to all parts of your body. It can also help strengthen the upper body and help in growth.

4. Football

Playing football can stimulate your growth, it also helps you to grow taller naturally. Football requires a lot of running which is very important for increasing height. When you run, you stretch your knee and thigh muscles which help to reach a high body.

Playing soccer also requires lots of jumps when heading the ball and sideways movements to dribble and avoid opponents. All of these activities help the growth plate receive blood that is rich in oxygen and growth hormone.

5. Yoga

Extending and stretching the body when twisting muscles and bones in various yoga movements has been found to be a good way to increase a few centimeters in height. Some yoga poses like mountain pose, triangle pose, tree pose, Surya Namaskar, Adho Mukha Syanasana, Chakrasana, and other poses can help correct body posture and increase one's height.

The stress relieving properties of yoga breathing have been found to be a good way to relieve stress and tension in muscles and joints. Growth hormones can flow better through the body when the body is relaxed.

6. Jump rope

Jump rope is an old way to increase height. In the sport of jump rope (skipping rope), You are required to jump continuously and use your body in the air. Jumping lengthwise can help your body stretch and contract, helping you to lift your body.

There are many nerves originating from the soles of the feet that are connected to your upper body. When you turn the rope, the muscle will stretch and contract so that it produces growth hormones to all areas of the body, including the lower body. This will make you taller.

7. Hanging

All children like to hang on bars that are usually found in parks and in schools. This fun exercise can help straighten and lengthen the spine. Hanging pushes your child to do a lot pull-up. This activity can also be done at home, but make sure that the bar that is used must be able to make your child's body completely hanging on the ground. The best way to hang is to do it every 10 minutes per day. Make your child do it pull-up or chin-up for 10 times.

Everyone wants to be tall. Being tall not only affects personality, but also increases self-confidence. Increasing height won't work with just one effort, but by combining sports, stretching, and nutritious foods to grow and develop. So, the only good way to increase height is to do sports and a healthy diet.


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7 Sports to Increase Height
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