4 Important Facts About the Urine System in Your Body


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The human body's urine system consists of several organs, where the kidney is the organ that has the most dominant function among the others. Based on claims cost data in advanced outpatient BPJS Kesehatan, problems with the urinary system are non-communicable diseases which can cost up to three trillion rupiahs with the highest number of cases.

Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Indonesian Ministry of Health Lily Sriwahyuni ​​Sulistyowati, adding by saying that, in the case of the urinary system, in this case the disease kidney, can happen to anyone. Not only adults and children are no exception.

As such the urine system affects the human body. Here are some other facts about the urine system that you need to know.

What is the urine system?

The human body produces some residual substances, such as sweat, carbon dioxide, feces, and urine. The remaining substances are released through various processes and methods. Before being released through the urinary tract, the rest of the metabolic results are salt, water, and poison, still in the blood. The presence of these residual substances in the blood can harm the body, so that the blood needs to be filtered by the urine system, especially the kidneys, so that the remaining substances come out together with the discharge of urine.

Facts about the urine system

In addition to functioning as a filter for blood, the kidneys also function as controlling the water content in the body to ensure that the tissues in your body get enough moisture to function properly. Some facts about the urine and kidney system that you should know include:

1. The aroma of urine has its own meaning

In one condition, urine can even smell asparagus or sweet-scented. The aroma released by urine can have a variety of meanings. The aroma of asparagus can be an effect of the asparagus you just consumed. But you should be careful if your urine smells sweet. The aroma can be your sign of being attacked diabetes or other urinary system infections.

2. Is urine safe to drink?

Some adventurers believe that drinking urine when pressed is safe to do. There are others who say that drinking urine can cure certain diseases in your body.

This assumption is actually still being debated by many parties, but it is strongly recommended not to be done. In addition to urine that is no longer sterile after passing through the urethra, the substances contained in urine are substances produced from waste that you should not consume anymore. Although rare, but of course there is a possibility that your urine contains toxins.

3. Colorful urine shows health

In addition to different scents, the color of urine can also change color. Normally, urine is yellow. However, some of the foods you consume can change the color and can even make your urine reddish to blue.

But you should remain vigilant especially if there is blood in your urine. This condition can indicate that something is wrong in your body especially in the condition of your kidneys.

4. The best position when urinating

In patients with lower urinary tract disorders or lower urinary tract syndrome, including men, the position of urination to sit will be more comfortable than the position of urination standing. In addition, when standing, your body needs more effort and contractions in some muscles to maintain balance. Unlike the case when you sit down, the muscles in your pelvis and hips will relax, so urinating will feel easier.

4 Important Facts About the Urine System in Your Body
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